PGA of Canada update on the Equity Diversity and Inclusion Task Force Implementations

PGA of Canada update on the Equity Diversity and Inclusion Task Force Implementations

As part of our commitment to keeping our membership, the golf public, and the Canadian sport sector updated on the work we have done since the publishing of our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Task Force Report, we provide you with this report and general update from the organization, which we have committed to providing twice per year. 

As background, a 17-person task force, divided into six groups focused on impacted demographics (New Canadians, People of Different Abilities, BIPOC, Women, LGBTQI2S+, and Socio-Economic Status), met for 14 months between 2020-2021 and put together a full report with 88 recommendations to make the PGA of Canada and its zones more equitable, diverse and inclusive.
The full task force report can be found here.
“Through our EDI Task Force meetings, it was apparent that our sport has a long way to go in terms of inclusivity, and we are committed to being world leaders in this area,” said PGA of Canada President Gord Percy. “While incorporating all 88 recommendations is a daunting task, we have been making progress and are committed to transparency through the process as we provide bi-annual updates on the progress, challenges and opportunities ahead.”
“The PGA has proven to be a leader in this field, not only among various golf bodies around the world, but all sport organizations in Canada,” continued Percy.
A working group is being developed this year to support the implementation and workflow of the 88 recommendations, and a EDI training session led by a third party was held for all national staff, the national board, zone staff and zone board of directors earlier this month.

This is the first update regarding the 88 recommendations and five-year implementation plan. 
The following organizational changes based on the EDI Task Force recommendations have been implemented or are in the final stages:
  • The board of directors passed a motion to add two new board members outside the association to add diverse perspective and views to the board. Terms of reference are currently being created for these positions.
  • Inclusive PATs for golfer’s with a physical disability was put into effect on January 1.
  • workshop was piloted for coaching golfers with a disability in 2022 and is being developed further in 2023. 
  • Development of a 'Women in the PGA Advisory Group' in 2023. More details to come in the coming months.
  • The PGA launched its Safe Sport and Code of Professional Conduct Policy in alignment with the Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport and have a third-party independent reporting structure for any case submitted to the PGA.
  • EDI training is now a mandatory onboarding aspect for all new PGA of Canada staff. Next steps include integration for zone staff.
  • Trans-inclusion policy under review in 2023.
  • Developed and passed an official EDI policy.
  • Diversity and inclusion added as core values to the new PGA strategic plan launched in 2022.
  • Implemented methods to collect membership demographic data on the PGA of Canada website alongside new member categories.
  • Hiring framework created for PGA staff to implement strategies to mitigate unconscious bias.
  • PGA Pride gear was launched in the PGA Shop.
  • A photography contest is launching in the spring to gather more diverse imagery of PGA of Canada members.
  • National Staff have been encouraged to implement personal pronouns in email signatures.
  • All national events have implemented land acknowledgements.
  • An EDI update is provided to the Board of Directors each board meeting.
  • Indigenous learning and training session was held for National Staff with Greg Henhawk from Canadian Sport 4 Life. 
  • Operational EDI objectives have been placed on staff for 2023 deliverables.
    • Key highlights include EDI club certification and training program, trans inclusion policy development, focus on indigenous funding opportunities and more.

While the PGA of Canada is proud of the steps it has taken to be world-leaders in this area, there is still a long way to go.

We promise to continue promoting an inclusive community within the membership of the PGA of Canada in which diversity is valued, and all members feel included and respected. 

We hope you will take the time to review the above organizational updates, as well as the EDI Task Force Report, and consider how you can help make the Canadian golf industry more inclusive, equitable, and diverse. 
Matt Allen
PGA of Canada, Chief Innovation Officer