The PGA of Canada’s Commitment to Safe Sport

The PGA of Canada’s Commitment to Safe Sport

The PGA of Canada recognizes our responsibility to create, foster and preserve sport settings that ensure positive and healthy relationships between players, coaches, trainers, and everybody involved within the sport of golf. 

To ensure this safe environment, the PGA of Canada has updated its code of professional practice and developed the PGA Code of Professional Conduct and Safe Sport Policy, which includes education and policy that will further strengthen our members ability to provide a respectful and welcoming environment for golfers throughout the country. 

“As leaders in the golf industry, we must ensure the safety of all of those who enjoy the game throughout the country,” said PGA of Canada President Teejay Alderdice. “The Safe Sport framework developed will serve as a guide for our association to follow and infrastructure we encourage facilities to implement  into their policies.”  

What Is Safe Sport?

Safe Sport refers to the process and measures implemented to protect and effectively care for the health, well-being, and human rights of all participants in the PGA of Canada community, especially children and youth. Individuals participating in all disciplines of golf in Canada, including athletes, coaches, officials, sport administrators, volunteers and others should be able to engage in a sport environment free from abuse, discrimination and potential harm. 

This Safe Sport webpage includes a group of specific policies that collectively promote a Safe Sport environment by communicating expected standards of behaviour. These policies also enable consistent, immediate, appropriate, and meaningful action should any issues arise.

Should any individual wish to report any instance of misconduct or maltreatment, they may do so directly through the PGA of Canada’s independent Third Party as identified in this set of Policies. The Case Manager will then refer to this document to determine the appropriate forum and manner to address the report.

We encourage all PGA of Canada members and anybody involved with golf in Canada in any form to read the PGA Code of Professional Conduct and Safe Sport Policy to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all golfers and athletes. 

In addition, there are a few great PGA of Canada courses and resources available to members who would like to learn more about Safe Sport and implementing it at your facility: Respect in the Workplace, Respect in Sport for Activity LeadersCAC Safe Sport Training.