About Us

Who is the PGA of Canada?

The PGA of Canada is the second oldest and third largest professional golf association in the world. But what does that mean? Who are we? What do we do, and furthermore, how has that work evolved over the past century? 

At the heart of the organization, we believe golf is a transcending sport.

For both amateurs and professionals, the game embodies integrity, sportsmanship, patience, and skill. There is something inherently romantic about the sport, which is why so many fall in love with it. It’s why we fell in love with it.

PGA of Canada members (nearly 4000 of them, now) have fostered that love into a career, dedicating their livelihoods to the betterment of the sport and ensuring future generations from diverse backgrounds have an equitable opportunity to enjoy it.  

Our professionals are premier players, teachers, coaches, managers, and facilitators of golf operations who got their start with the PGA of Canada by passing a playing ability test, better known as the PAT. They then spent time developing their specializations through our PGA Training Academy and honed their skills with real-world experience at a public or private golf facility.   

Our PGA of Canada professionals are more than just a group of golf enthusiasts; they are a community of dedicated professionals that advance the game, foster camaraderie, and improve the viability of golf as a career.

The first iteration of our association can be attributed to a group of dedicated individuals from over a century ago.

One of the primary missions of the PGA of Canada has been to elevate the standards of golf instruction and coaching. The organization hosted workshops, seminars, and training programs to continually enhance the expertise of its members. Whether it was perfecting the golf swing or understanding the nuances of course management, the PGA of Canada was, and still is, at the forefront of golf education.

As the years have gone on, our educational offerings have improved as we offer a plethora of professional development opportunities through the PGA Training Academy presented by Titleist and Footjoy, our Tee Talks PD platform presented by TaylorMade and Tee Talks Live.

In addition to education, the PGA of Canada plays a pivotal role in organizing and promoting golf events throughout the country. From local tournaments to national championships, these events not only showcase the incredible talent within the PGA of Canada but also provide a platform for aspiring golfers to showcase their skills. We proudly operate some of the most sought after and historic professional events in the country.

As golf has changed through the years, the PGA of Canada has adapted with it, being renowned as innovators by fellow national sport organizations. We embrace technology, incorporating cutting-edge tools and analytics to enhance training methods and improve performance while preserving the spirit of the game.

With our members at the forefront of everything we do, our employment team advocates for PGA of Canada professionals on a day-to-day basis and is an important resource for perspective employers and employees alike.

We have also invested in growing the game through grassroots programs, such as Golf Canada’s First Tee program, and our own RBC PGA Scramble, the largest amateur event in the country. 

In addition, the PGA of Canada supports members through the PGA of Canada Foundation, offering scholarships, bursaries, and financial aid for members in need through the Benevolent Fund, as well as recognition for outstanding members through our Hall of Fame and National Awards.

Unfortunately, despite our cutting-edge innovation, diversity within golf has been lacking throughout history. We, alongside the sport as a whole, failed to invest in promoting the game equitably.

In June of 2020, the PGA of Canada released a statement, and promise, to look inwards, recognize our shortcomings and put words into action to drive meaningful change for a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable Canadian golf industry.

For 12-months, a dedicated Task Force spent hundreds of hours reviewing the PGA of Canada’s governance, operations, and industry workforce & participation, and completed a report containing 88 recommendations back to the association.

We are in the process of implementing all of them and have committed to quarterly updates to the membership. It is our pledge to make golf, and a career in golf, accessible to all Canadians.

This philosophy of constant improvement embodies our core values at the PGA of Canada: Diversity & Inclusion, Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, Accountability and Pride, and our Mission: To provide expertise through training and education to support, promote, and develop our members in achieving excellence through a successful career in the golf industry.

Our full strategic plan has been shaped by this mission and these values, and can be seen here.

Our dedicated staff is here to answer any questions you may have about who we are, how to join, or to listen to what you think we could be doing better.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

The PGA of Canada