Specializations Information


At the PGA of Canada, the introduction of Specializations has been and continues to be a commitment to PGA of Canada members, employers and hiring managers to ensure our Professionals are adequately trained based on their role and related responsibilities. This commitment benefits the personal growth of Golf Professionals, as does it benefit their employers with noticeable contributions to clubs/facilities and  “The Bottom Line”.

PGA of Canada conducted extensive research of Canadian golf professionals and their roles and responsibilities. The research focused on roles, competencies, gaps in knowledge and training, along with the expectations of our members in their respective employment roles.

With valuable data in hand, PGA of Canada selected four specialization streams that define very specific professional skill sets and attributes. These specializations are ones where golf professionals can both promote as achieved milestones, and/or ones that they are working towards through the PGA of Canada Education Services and the Training Academy. The ability to specialize in more than one area allows more flexibility, as members continue to take on a greater number of roles in the industry.

Currently we extend our focus to Employers and Hiring Managers, so that they have a better understanding on the value of hiring PGA members with specializations for specific roles.