Golf Operations

Employers agree that successful Head Professionals have significant accountability for managing tee times, and planning, marketing, promoting golf events/outings.

PGA of Canada - Training Academy addresses these needs and a breakdown of respective Specializations, you will see a strong connection between the research findings and the structure of the Training Academy.

PGA of Canada, Golf Operation Specialization - Courses Available

  • Golf Canada: Rules Academy Level II
  • Respect in the Workplace
  • Executing A Successful Golf Tournament & Event
  • Successful Retail: From Buying to Selling
  • Introduction to Managing Teams
  • Golf Operations Mentorship
  • Building The Customer Experience at your Facility

PGA of Canada believes golf club owners along with their hiring managers and board members will gain a better appreciation of the business-related benefits of hiring a golf professional given their extensive experience, education and capabilities.

We encourage the review of our sponsored research ‘Career Mapping - An Investigative look at the career transition of PGA of Canada Head Professionals’, for a fresh perspective on how PGA of Canada professionals can grow and develop the required knowledge, skills, and mindset to be a successful Head Professional.

Head Professionals are expected to lead the operations of all golf related activities within their facilities.


Hear how PGA of Canada Professionals and employers, value the specialization.