Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

The PGA of Canada is committed to being a champion of diversity and inclusion within the organization and the communities it serves. In June, the association's president, Teejay Alderdice, penned a letter to members outlining the initial steps the PGA of Canada would take to advance equity, diversity and inclusion across the Canadian golf landscape. In addition to opening a line of communication for people to share their experience and feedback, the association called upon members and external applicants to take part in a task force that would assess all opportunities for the PGA of Canada to better serve traditionally underrepresented groups in the industry.

This 17-person task force held its first meeting in August 2020, with plans to meet monthly and establish an actionable diversity and inclusion strategy for the PGA of Canada to implement. 

This page will be updated with meeting minutes, new initiatives and actionable items that result from the task force's work.

To share your thoughts on how the PGA of Canada can better champion diversity and inclusion, please email Chief Innovation Officer Matt Allen (matt@pgaofcanada.com). 

To provide a forum focused on ensuring that PGA of Canada’s stated values of inclusiveness, equal opportunities and trust are inherent in all of the work we do and that all of our policies and procedures result in safe sport and employment for all. 

The task force serves in an advisory capacity. The main objectives include: 

●    Development of a PGA of Canada Diversity and Inclusion Repository;
●    Creating an outlet where stakeholders, professionals, players can reach out to if they are facing discriminatory experiences as no such system exists;
●    Recommendations for PGA of Canada and its zones to adopt new policies and practices in its operations and governance to be more inclusive and diverse;
●    Intentional and active recruitment plan for the golf industry to increase the diverse perspective in the game and business of golf;
●    Marketing plan on allyship and education to the realities of discriminatory actions in the golf industry;
●    To target diversity and inclusion from the lens of 1) Governance 2) Operations 3) Workforce 4) Participation


The Task Force is established for a 10-month period (August 2020 to June 2021), with a 2- phase reporting schedule: 

Phase 1: Short-term expected outcomes (first 5 months) 
Identifying issues, challenges and opportunities, as well as recommending actions to establish and support immediate requirements. 

Phase 2: Medium-term approach (10 months) 
Building a longer-term strategy of 3 to 5 years to support overall diversity and inclusion culture change in the  organization and sport (Diversity and Inclusion Strategy) 


The Task Force has identified six areas of focus and subsequently split into working groups to further examine these areas of opportunity. These are outlined below in no particular order. 

Priority Area 1: New Canadians
Task Force members: Saj Jamal, Jason Logan and Graham Coulter

Priority Area 2: Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC)
Task Force members: Samba Niang and Chris Ward

Priority Area 3: LGBTQI2S+
Task Force members: Emma de Groot, Jaime Steedman and Stephanie Shostak

Priority Area 4: People of Different Abilities
Task Force members: Aristotle Domingo, Nicola McGovern, Melanie van der Hoop

Priority Area 5: Women
Task Force members: Laura Upenieks, Liz Hoffman, Cindy Soukoroff, Kate Lawson

Priority Area 6: Socio-Economic Status
Task Force members: David Sheman, Gord Percy, Wenqin Shao

Diversity & Inclusion Task Force Terms of Reference

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Meeting Minutes