Photo by Alistair Maitland Photography
SPORT YUKON MOUNTAINVIEW GOLF COURSE Photo by Alistair Maitland Photography
Photo by Alistair Maitland Photography
SPORT YUKON MOUNTAINVIEW GOLF COURSE Photo by Alistair Maitland Photography
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General Manager: Mountain View Golf Club(Outsource HR)

Mountain View Golf Club has retained the recruitment services of Outsource HR in the search for th clubs next General Manager. 

Job Title: General Manager Reports

To: President of the Board of Directors.

Direct Reports: Accountant, Head Professional, Superintendent & other positions as required.


Mountain View Golf Club - Whitehorse, YT
Job Summary

The GM manages all aspects of the Club, including its activities and the relationships between the Club and the Board of Directors, members, guests, employees, the community, governments, and industry. The GM coordinates and implements the Club’s policies as defined by the Board of Directors.

The GM develops operating policies and procedures and directs the work of the Club. The GM generates and monitors budgets and financial statements, monitors the quality of the Club’s merchandise, food and services and ensures maximum member and guest satisfaction. The GM secures and protects the Club’s assets, including facilities and equipment.


Strategic Planning:

● Assumes all responsibilities as outlined and assigned by the board in the 5-year Strategic Plan.

● Is responsible to oversee and ensure that all actions are completed by each owner as listed in the 5-year Strategic Plan.

● Represents the Club and all project owners of the Strategic plan when reporting status updates to the Board.

● Develops and implements (for review and approval by the Board of Directors) a Strategic Plan, Board Calendar, and Annual Operating Plan.

● Develops, maintains, and administers a sound organizational plan and initiates improvements as necessary.

● Apprises the Board of trends, changing circumstances and unexpected occurrences with any recommendations for amendment of the Strategic Plan.


● Is knowledgeable regarding best governance practices for golf clubs and is committed to transparency.

● Implements policies established by the Board of Directors, including the Governance Report approved by the Board.

● Plans, develops and approves specific operational policies, programs, procedures, and methods in concert with Board policies.

● Issues notice of meetings and attends Board, Committee and Annual meetings.

● Consistently monitors the Club’s bylaws, rules, and regulations for continued relevance to the Club’s operations and policies.

● Reports in a timely fashion any actual or anticipated material non-compliance with a policy of the Board.

Capital Projects:

● Provides oversight of and manages all capital projects and related expenditures approved by the Board; and

● Is proactive in planning for capital projects that need to be considered for the benefit of the Club.


● Consistently ensures the Club is operated in compliance with all applicable municipal, provincial, and federal regulations.

● Must be current on all applicable Safety laws and regulations.

● Provides an annual report to the Board of Directors regarding such compliance.

● Maintains relations with police, fire, health department and other relevant governmental and Non-Governmental Organization (‘NGO’) agencies.

● Stays up to date with relevant employment laws and informs employees of the policies that the Club has in place.


● Evaluate and manage the current membership application process to ensure the continued strength of potential members

● Coordinates the marketing and membership relations programs to promote the Club’s services and facilities to current as well as future members.


● Oversees the care and maintenance of all the Club’s physical assets and facilities.

● Ensures the highest standards for food, beverage, golf, recreation, entertainment, and other Club services.

● Conducts ongoing evaluation of Club programs and events to ensure the consistent provision of outstanding services to meet the needs and expectations of members, guests, and employees.

● Is accessible and visible to members and responds to members’ concerns in a timely manner.

● Adopts and maintains an environmentally responsible protocol for all operations.

● Serves as the staff liaison on the various Board committees.

● Receives and resolves complaints from members, guests, and staff; and

● Maintains membership with professional club management organizations and attends conferences, seminars, and other professional development opportunities to keep abreast of current information and developments in club management.

Financial Management:

● Generates operating and capital budgets that contain sufficient detail to enable accurate projection of revenues and expenses and that report underlying assumptions for Board approval.

● Generates and monitors monthly, annual, and other financial statements of the Club; takes strategic and proactive action as required.

● Analyzes financial statements, monitors the cash flow, and maintains adequate internal controls.

● Ensures that the financial integrity of the Club is maintained at all times.

● Establishes and monitors compliance with purchasing policies and procedures; and

● Ensures that the Club’s assets are adequately insured against casualty and property losses, and liability losses to the Club and its Board members and staff.

● Develop and execute fundraising initiatives to support charitable causes while promoting the golf course's mission.

● Seek out partnerships with local organizations, community leaders, and philanthropic individuals to secure donations and sponsorships.

● Develop creative sponsorship packages to attract local businesses and organizations, increasing their involvement and support.

● Organize and host fundraising events and tournaments to generate additional revenue.

● Identify new revenue streams and opportunities to diversify the golf course's offerings, such as hosting tournaments, weddings, or corporate events.

● Evaluate market trends, customer preferences, and industry benchmarks to identify potential areas for revenue growth.

● Develop and implement innovative strategies to maximize revenue from existing facilities and amenities.

● Collaborate with the golf course team to enhance the overall customer experience, driving repeat visits and attracting new customers.

Human Resources:

● Building and maintaining strong relationships and fostering collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

● Recruits and hires all positions that report to them and oversees the recruitment process for any other positions within the club.

● Meets with every candidate for hire prior to hire to ensure a fit for the club and its membership.

● Ensures that there are up-to-date job descriptions for each position at the club that are reviewed at least annually.

● Ensures an organized and efficient onboarding and orientation program is in place.

● Oversees and reviews the performance of their direct reports on an ongoing basis.

● Maintains positive employee relations within the organization.

● Addresses employee concerns and grievances, mediate conflicts and promotes a respectful, safe, and welcoming work environment.

● Responsible for the development and review of the Club’s compensation and benefits packages at least once annually.

● Ensures that the club’s salaries, bonuses, and other benefits are fair and competitive based on industry standards and the organization’s financial capabilities.

● Works with the Club’s HR Representative to develop compliant HR Policies as directed by the Board. Responsible for fostering a positive and engaging work culture at the Club.

● Promotes employee engagement initiatives such as team-building activities, recognition programs and social events to enhance employee morale and motivation.

● Works with their direct reports to schedule, supervise and direct the work of all employees.

● Ensures that a succession plan is in place for each of their direct reports.

● Provides the Board with an annual assessment of each of their direct reports.

● Review the current staffing model to ensure all functions are being performed by appropriately trained personnel and that the Club is staffed to meet the needs of the members in a cost-effective fashion.


● A bachelor’s degree, an MBA, or similar

● A strong background managing golf clubs or similar organizations.

● Experience overseeing the financial, HR, marketing, and customer service functions.

● Excellent leadership and strategic planning skills.

● The ability to build and maintain relationships with members, stakeholders, and the local community.

● Strong knowledge of regulatory compliance and a commitment to creating a safe and inclusive environment would also be essential.

Competencies/Success Criteria

1. Golf Industry Knowledge: A thorough understanding of the golf industry, including rules and regulations, trends, player demographics, and industry best practices.

2. Leadership and Management: Effective leadership skills to guide and motivate staff, as well as strong management abilities to oversee day-to-day operations, allocate resources, and set strategic goals for the club.

3. Operational Expertise: Proficiency in managing various aspects of the golf club's operations, such as golf course maintenance, pro shop management, food and beverage services, event planning, and personnel management.

4. Financial Management: The ability to develop and manage budgets, analyze financial data, and make informed decisions to ensure the financial sustainability of the golf club.

5. Customer Service: A commitment to providing excellent customer service to members and guests, ensuring their satisfaction and retention through timely and effective communication, responsiveness, and personalized attention.

6. Marketing and Membership Development: Skills in marketing strategies, including attracting new members, promoting club events, and developing initiatives to enhance member satisfaction and retention.

7. Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Strong communication skills to effectively communicate with staff, members, stakeholders, and the community at large. This includes being an active listener, resolving conflicts, and fostering positive relationships.

8. Strategic Planning: The ability to develop long-term strategic plans for the club, considering factors like market trends, member requirements, and competitive analysis, to ensure the club's growth and success.

9. Health and Safety Compliance: Familiarity with health, safety, and environmental regulations and the ability to implement and enforce necessary policies, procedures, and training programs to ensure a safe and sustainable club environment.

10. Problem-Solving and Decision-Making: Strong analytical skills to identify issues, evaluate options, and make timely and informed decisions to address challenges that may arise within the golf club.

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Employment Duration

Potential Start Date: March 30, 2024

Employment Type: Permanent, full-time

Contact Information

 Please forward resumes to and

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