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Coach: Foison Golf Academy in Guangzhou, China

The Foison Golf Academy in Guangzhou China will open in early May 2024.

Our GEARS, GASP 3D, GC Quad Studio is the first of its kind in Asia. The Foison Short Game and Natural Grass Tee Deck Facilities are unsurpassed in China, they are world level.

We have been assembling a youthful bright and energized bilingual Coaching Team. We teach a "Connected Rotational Leg Driven " Tournament Swing. The motion replaces the inefficiencies of the nervous systems naturally selected muscle groups and sequencing with more repeatable, and for most, a more powerful trained motion.

We are looking for someone who wants to excel as a teacher. To learn elite coaching skills in country with a thought provoking and exciting culture. Continue to grow as we expand our brand or return to Canada in a few years with a competitive teaching advantage and strong tournament player CV.

Our Coaching Team comprises 3 Coaches, Physiotherapist, and 2 Trainers. You and a Translator / Motion Trainer are part of that team. Our clients are among the wealthiest people in China, You will be placed in a 4 star Villa beside the Golf Course until the Academy helps you to secure a nearby apartment of your own. The living conditions are high quality; gated communities; rent $500 to $700 per month fully furnished; Wi-Fi; VPN; best subway system in the world; inexpensive taxi's and Uber services; Western Restaurants. (one hour from Hong Kong)

You will work directly under Class A PGA of Canada Head Teaching Professional Dan Webb who manages the Academy. Pay is monthly and on time; no surprises.

You will need a pass port and obtain a visa from the Chinese Embassy. (routine) Foison will reimburse your visa and flight costs (open return ticket) prior to flight.

Foison Golf Club, Guangzhou, China
Job Summary

Learn how to move precisely as we teach without a ball. (20 hours)

Learn how to teach and train others.

Learning elements of development are one on one.

Training elements are in groups. You would teach beginners, tournament juniors and potentially professional players from the China and Asia Tours. We do not require that you change your golf swing though you may choose to after you learn this motion.

  • Bring your energy ,insight and attention to detail every day.
  • Enjoy and grow in your free time.
  • Develop leadership skills and be ready for larger opportunities.
  • Looking for an athletic Apprentice with energy, ambition and a thirsty open mind.
  • An engaging inquisitive personality.
  • Humble, kind, intuitive.
  • A par or better golf game preferred but secondary to personality traits.

Assuming a 5.366 CND$ conversion rate to RMB.

Starting salary; $49,200.00; + $12,300 (subject to motion training, expected to take 4 weeks. + $12,054 in monthly performance bonuses + an additional $8,000 in bonuses related to student and business performance. (These additional bonuses become realistic later in year one)

Total is $80,000.00 CAD per year (bonus structure noted).

Note: Under %80,000 CAD per year the tax rate is 3%. Over $80,000,00 is 10%.


Unlimited on course play, and short game practice.

24 hour per day assistance with navigating the language and culture. which can be described as interesting and safe.

PGA of Canada Specialization
PGA of Canada Specialization
Start Date
Course Website
Employment Duration
Year Round, and on-going
Contact Information
Please apply in confidence to: Dan Webb, +86 15989477918;