Section 6 - Social Media

6.1    Background
Online social networking and media sites are powerful tools that can greatly benefit the PGA of Canada and its Members. Without limiting Members’ ability to utilize these valuable tools, online activities must be governed with a degree of care. The PGA of Canada encourages the use of social media including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other similar outlets as a way to interact and raise Members’ profile.

As part of the Association’s Code of Professional Conduct and Safe Sport Policy, it is essential to extend rules governing Member behaviour to online social media networks, as by participating in and contributing to these sites as individuals, Members still bear the responsibility of appropriately representing the PGA of Canada. It is essential that Members understand that utilizing social media to communicate with family, friends, fans, and the general public leaves them open to scrutiny by the public and the media and may reflect on the PGA of Canada and the game of golf.

6.2    Purpose
The PGA of Canada has developed this section for the protection of its Members. Where possible the PGA of Canada has condensed this section to provide a basic outline of guiding principles that Members should keep in mind and always adhere to when participating in social media activities.

6.3    Scope

6.3.1    This section attempts to cover all forms of social media including but not limited to;

a)    Maintaining a profile page on one of the social or business networking sites (like LinkedIn and Facebook, etc.);
b)    Actively engaging in live feed social media communication such as Twitter;
c)     Producing online video content on YouTube or similar mass media sites;
d)    Creating a blog or commenting on other people’s blogs for personal or business reasons;
e)    Leaving product or service reviews on retailer sites, or customer review sites;
f)    Taking part in online votes and polls; or
g)    Participating in conversations on public and private web forums (message boards).

Most of the above activities can be grouped together under the heading ‘social media’. Anything Members do online where they share information that might affect fellow PGA of Canada Members, work colleagues, clients, industry partners, sponsors, competitors, golf club members, Pro-Am partners and industry participants is included in the scope of this section of the PGA Code of Professional Conduct and Safe Sport Policy.

6.4    Social Media

6.4.1    This section is to be read in conjunction with other clauses in the PGA of Canada Code of Professional Conduct and Safe Sport Policy. Members’ activity on social media must:

a)    Not interfere with work commitments or the place of work. In the absence of a specific policy within the workplace of a PGA of Canada Member, this policy may apply as a complementary policy;
b)    Not mention or link to libelous, defamatory, or harassing content, even by way of example or illustration;
c)    Not publish information that is confidential or proprietary to the PGA of Canada or the Member’s workplace, affiliates, or clients;
d)    Refrain from using offensive language; and
e)    Do nothing to bring the PGA of Canada into disrepute. Members may not represent that the PGA of Canada brand endorses or promotes any product or service, opinion, cause, or position; and it must be abundantly clear to readers that all opinions are the Members’, and do not represent the views of the PGA of Canada.

6.5    PGA of Canada Member Blogs or other Social Media Accounts

a)    Posts must not contain or link to pornographic or indecent content.
b)    Posts must not be defamatory in any way to either a fellow PGA of Canada Member (or any other person or company).
c)    The PGA of Canada has the right to request and ask for the removal of any such content that may be deemed as contravening this policy.
d)    All materials published or used must respect the copyright of third parties 
e)    The PGA of Canada does not endorse a Member hiding behind anonymous or pseudonymous postings. A PGA of Canada

Member shall not maintain anonymous accounts on social media sites for the purpose of accessing or commenting on other people or products relating to the PGA of Canada.