Thomas Keddy

Thomas Keddy
Maplewood Golf & Country Club, Irishtown, NB
Direct Work Phone: 506.858.7840
Mobile Phone: 647.529.4653


My instruction is personalized with a focus on improving each golfers already established swing characteristics and techniques while introducing small changes that make all the difference. Lesson Plans and Reviews ensure our goals are measured and met throughout the instruction process.

For beginning golfers importance is placed on the fundamentals: Grip, Stance/Posture/Alignment/Balance, Backswing, Downswing, Impact, and Finish. Each introduction to golf explores all aspects of the sport including the full swing, the short swing, the short game, and the rules and etiquette.

All programs incorporate the “Practice with a Purpose” method for continued improvement. Students will learn how to practice in a productive manner by using specific drills and techniques as well as measured repetitions to track improvement.

With the use of video, launch monitors and other tools and aids we are able to drastically improve your game and overall enjoyment and understanding.

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