Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan: Values, Vision & Mission


Trusted brand: Setting and meeting high ethical and business standards sustains the PGA of Canada mark. We value the contributions from our partners and members in maintaining golf’s status as one of the world’s most recognized sports
Progressive leadership: As innovators and collaborators, we take informed risks and embrace change – continuously improving to help our members effectively adapt, manage, perform, and lead in today’s ever-changing environment. 
Pride of membership: We are proud of our rich history and the contribution of our members as the public face of golf in Canadian communities.


The PGA of Canada is a recognized world leading association of golf professionals valued for our contribution to the global golf industry in shaping golf’s future in Canada through innovation and collaboration with the National Sport Organization, Golf Canada.


The PGA of Canada develops, promotes, and supports its members in living a better life and earning a better living while growing participation, excellence, and passion for the sport of golf.

Key Directions: 

Strategic Direction 1: Effectively delivering programs and services that are valued by PGA of Canada members and key stakeholders while growing participation in the sport in Canada at all levels and in all forms of participation.

Strategic Direction 2: Communicating the value of the PGA of Canada brand domestically and internationally to foster interaction with key industry stakeholders to improve the overall health of the sport.

Strategic Direction 3: Sustaining and recruiting PGA of Canada members with a strategic plan that is aligned with the National Sport Organization, Golf Canada.

Strategic Direction 4: Continuing to adopt and implement innovative practices at the national office and expand our organization’s capacity to better serve the members and the golf community at large.