Can I have my supervisor send an email instead of a letter for my reference letter?
Yes, an email from your supervisor is acceptable, the email must clearly state that you are currently employed in the correct facility.

Can I get credits for part education I completed?
As you complete the reinstatement process, a review of your profile will be conducted and will determine if you are entitled to credits earned in the past.  TCCP 1-4 must be completed to gain credits  

Can I get credit for post-secondary education or past PGM programs I completed?
Yes, you can earn credits from post-secondary education or past PGM programs completed. Credits can be earned after the reinstatement process is completed. Please note that only official transcripts are accepted to gain the credits.

If I reinstate for the following year, will I be active in the current year? 
No, as an apprentice professional, if you register for the following year, your reinstatement will be counted towards the following year. However, you will still have access to the Training Academy to catch up on the education you may need.

Can I claim industry hours, while I was not a member of the PGA of Canada?
No, Industry Hours can only be claimed while you are a PGA of Canada Apprentice Professional. 

If I completed Respect In Sport with a different organization, is that acceptable? 
Yes, we will check with the Respect Group to ensure that your certification has not expired. 

Do I need to be employed to start the reinstatement process? 
Apprentice Professionals need to be employed in the golf industry to start the reinstatement process.

You do not need to be employed to reinstate if you are a Class A member. 

I am ready to pay my invoice now, how come it is not appearing?
As the payment is the last step of the process, to have the invoice available all the other steps must be completed first. 

If I reinstate back and my Year 6 deadline has passed, would I reinstate back to Year 6?
If you are looking to reinstate and your Year 6 deadline has passed, you will be required to complete the education needed as part of your reinstatement process. Access will be given to you to register and complete the education needed.

Who do I contact to start or have questions relating to the reinstatement process? 
Please contact Luis Paredes, Education & Membership Coordinator at luis@pgaofcanada.com