NEW additional standards for running a PAT in 2021 with COVID- 19


•    Any PAT’s should be conducted only if the relevant provincial legislation allows events or are within specific requirements around capacity or gatherings.
•    Facility policies and event information pertaining to safety guidelines should be communicated to all players before the competition (tee times, how early players can arrive at course, when/if players can use practice facilities, food and beverage options, etc.);

•    Social distancing measures will be in place all day and MUST be practiced.
a.   No handshaking or elbow bumping is permitted.
b.    Maintain at least six feet of separation from everyone at all times.
c.    Please bring your own hand sanitizer and use it as often as you can, especially before and after using any washrooms.
•    No Caddies are allowed until further notice.
•    Tee times intervals must follow provincial guidelines. We recommend 12-minute intervals.
•    An evacuation plan should be communicated to players before their round; it is recommended that all players return to their personal vehicles immediately following a suspension of play in an effort to prohibit large gatherings.


•    Players should check in at registration upon arrival or by text. Please look for markers on the ground at registration that will be set up to facilitate safe distancing of 6 feet or more.
•    Players to present a Government Issued Photo ID to confirm they are over 18 years of age.


•    No exchange of scorecards between players before or after their round; final score verification should take place verbally or electronically; 
•    Electronic scoring methods are strongly encouraged/recommended

•    After golf, scoring procedures should be clearly outlined and it should be clarified where to return scores and when scores are considered returned;
a.    A final scoring area will be established using social distancing measures whereby you can check your scores and your playing partner can attest to them. 
b.    You will be asked to re-read your scores to your playing partners and to our team for verification. 
c.    Please sign your own scorecard on the LEFT SIDE to attest for your playing partner’s score (either entered on the APP or on your scorecard).  
d.    Please sign your own scorecard on the RIGHT SIDE to verify your own score that has been read by your scorer.  
e.    Drop your scorecard into the box provided when all scores are verified.  
f.    Scoring will be final once you have left the scoring station.

•    Leaderboards or traditional scoreboards should be avoided to reduce gatherings;
•    Final results should be posted online;


•    No rakes are in the bunkers so please repair your footprints by using your feet.
•    ABNORMAL COURSE CONDITIONS Disturbed areas in bunkers are ground under repair. If a player’s ball lies in or touches a disturbed area or if a disturbed area interferes with the player’s area of intended swing (does not include the player’s stance), the player may take relief under Rule 16.1c. 


•    The flag will remain in at all times – DO NOT REMOVE THE FLAG! 
•    The golf ball must be holed (regular cups with an instrument to safely retrieve the ball). 
•    We recommend the use of a device or instrument to retrieve the ball from the hole safely without touching anything.


•    After the registration deadline for a PAT has passed, no refunds will be issued, and your PAT attempt included with your registration fee will be used - not