Leave of Absence

Any Class “A” Member or Apprentice Professional may apply at any time that he/she is in good standing and is not indebted to the Association in any manner whatsoever, for a Leave of Absence. This Leave of Absence shall have a twelve-month time limit and must be pre-approved. A Member on a Leave of Absence shall not be eligible to enter nationally conducted tournaments and shall not be entitled to vote at any Annual General Meeting or special general meeting or hold office as a Director of the Association. Zone privileges will be determined by the Zone Board. Approval for a Leave of Absence is at the sole discretion of the National Board.
Application Form

Agreement By submitting this application form, I am aware of the requirements for a Leave of Absence and have provided true documentation attesting to the reason of the request for a Leave. I understand that as part of the approval process, we may contact the authors of the supporting documentation to verify facts or to access additional information and I give my permission for this to occur. I understand that the Leave of Absence has a twelve-month limitation and must be pre-approved. If I wish to apply for a second consecutive Leave of Absence, I must apply before the end of the previous Leave. I also understand that I may reactivate to my previous category or another eligible membership category at any time during the Leave by contacting the National Office and paying appropriate dues. I agree to pay PGA of Canada insurance premiums during the Leave of Absence.