Scott Kolb welcomed as 50th President of the PGA of Canada

Scott Kolb welcomed as 50th President of the PGA of Canada

By: Brendan Stasiewich, PGA of Canada

On Thursday April 18, 2024, the PGA of Canada warmly welcomed its 50th President of the association at the Annual General Meeting.

Scott Kolb’s commitment to the betterment of golf in Canada, and for professionals across the country, has been evident since he began his career in the industry in the Victoria Golf Club golf shop in 1992.

Even before that, Kolb says, as a teenager, he dreamed of being a PGA of Canada professional.

“I never thought of being anything else,” says Kolb, who has served on the PGA of Canada Board of Directors since 2018. “All of my closest friends are PGA of Canada members, and it has been a career that has supported my family for decades.”

Growing up in Victoria, BC, following his time in the shop at Victoria Golf Club and then Gallagher’s Canyon, serving as GM at Arbutus Ridge, and making a mark on The Golf Club at Lora Bay as Head Professional, Kolb had the opportunity to head home, accepting the role of General Manager back at Victoria Golf Club, the course he spent countless hours at as a junior player.

It was here, upon accepting the job in 2006, that Kolb was able to cement his status as not only a leader for the club, but a leader amongst PGA of Canada professionals.

“We were able to raise the status and ranking of the club while also being a part of the club reinvesting over 12 million dollars to the golf course and clubhouse while completing all the loan payments,” said Kolb, who credited his team for many of the awards the club won during his tenure. “We were the CMAC Club of the Year, our Superintendent and later Assistant were named Superintendent of the Year, and although my name is on the Retailer of the Year, it was truly a team award that the Pro Shop staff of the Club earned.”

In addition to his work with Victoria Golf Club, Kolb had the opportunity to work closely with many PGA of Canada professionals after founding Fresh Golf Solutions, which has aided clubs in finding the right fit amongst PGA of Canada professionals for various leadership positions, in addition to the creation of the Vegas Baby Pro-Am, the largest Pro-Am in the world.

Working closely with Kolb over the next two years will be Vice President Tiffany Gordon. A leader amongst PGA of Alberta professionals, she is the first woman to serve as VP and will be the first woman to serve as President when Kolb’s tenure ends in 2026.

“Over the past two years, I have had the opportunity to learn and grow, realizing the value of our Association and the responsibility that we hold. I am looking forward to the next two years working with Scott and his passion and commitment for the PGA of Canada,” said Gordon.

“He will listen, guide and mentor; all of which I have experienced and look forward to the next phase of our journey together,” continued Gordon. “We support each other, call each other out when it needs to happen and, more importantly, work with our Board to make decisions for the Members of our Association. Our Association has been in great hands, and this will continue with the strength, guidance, and passion that Scott has.”

Kolb is taking the reins from the 49th President of the Association, Gordon Percy, who’s time as President saw him oversee many association innovations, including many EDI and Safe Sport implementations.

For Kolb, the next few years will give him the chance to lead the association with the same goals he has had throughout his career, bettering the lives of all PGA of Canada professionals.

“When you take on a role of being a President of a National Association that is well over 100 years old, you want to make sure you are a good steward during the time,” said Kolb. “I just want to leave it in a better place than when I found it.”

“The Association has made a lot of great strides in the years Kevin Thistle has taken over as CEO,” continued Kolb. “My hope is that through myself and the Board we can accomplish all of the goals of our current Strategic Plan and assist all members to a better living while growing our PGA Brand. I also would like to make sure we strengthen our relationships with the other National Golf industry Associations and international ones too.”

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