RBC PGA Scramble Announces Largest Program Enhancements Ever and Regional Final Locations

(Acton, ON) – The largest grassroots amateur golf event in Canada announced enhancements today to make the program more welcoming to all golfers. In addition, 12 Regional Final locations across Canada were announced. Entering its eighth year, the RBC PGA Scramble will once again hold over 150 local qualifiers across Canada where golfers of all skill levels play alongside their best friends or family members for the chance to win a trip-of-a-lifetime experience at Cabot Cape Breton. Upon review of past participant feedback, the RBC PGA Scramble team confirmed three amendments to the tournament regulations. Handicap adjustments have been made to ensure a level playing field for all participants. Teams will play at 75% of their adjusted handicap. In the past, teams have played at 100% of their adjusted handicap. For example, a team with a handicap of 10 will be adjusted to 7.5. In addition, the RBC PGA Scramble has created a pathway to guarantee at least two all-female teams a spot at the National Final at Cabot Cape Breton. Finally, the team that shoots the lowest gross score at each local qualifier (with at least 20 competing teams) will also advance to the Regional Final in addition to the team that shoots the lowest net score.  If the team has already qualified via the low net qualification, the team with the next lowest gross score will be awarded the spot. Teams must still follow the tournament regulations set for required handicap (ie. Maximum two single-digit handicap players and team handicap must be between 32 and 112).  “The RBC PGA Scramble has become a staple at many golf clubs across Canada, and the enhancements announced today mark a monumental step for the program,” said PGA of Canada President Gord Percy. “The program’s mission has always been to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all golfers, and today’s announcement will continue to ensure a level playing field and more opportunity for all involved.” With public registration set to open on April 20, we are excited to announce the 12 Regional Final locations across Canada. Like in past years, teams gain entry into one of these events by first competing in and qualifying from a local qualifier.

RBC Scramble 2023 Regional Final Schedule

NEW for 2023, two (2) qualifying spots for the National Final will be awarded at the BC East, AB South, Manitoba, South Western Ontario, Greater Toronto, and Atlantic Regional Finals.  One (1) spot will be awarded to the team with the lowest net score, and one (1) spot will be awarded to the team with the lowest gross score.  This is being piloted at six (6) Regional Finals in 2023, based on their historical participation history.Player registration is set to open April 20th

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