The New Face of the Canadian PGA

History will be made in 2009! For the very first time, the game of golf will be included in the Canada Games and the Canadian PGA will be on the front line, coaching participating athletes.

This dramatic and historic event only scratches the surface of who and what the Canadian PGA is all about in the 21st Century.

The Canadian Professional Golfer’s Association represents almost 3,500 golf professionals across Canada who are among the most highly skilled and educated in the world! Through their talent and love for the game, these professionals work hard to enhance the world of golf for over 5million Canadian golfers.

“Canadian golf professionals are passionate about the game of golf which fuels their drive to become the best they can be in their profession,” says Steve Carroll, Executive Director of the Canadian PGA. “To enhance our professionals’ careers and promote golf in Canada as lifelong sport for fun, health and competition, the Canadian PGA delivers education programs, support systems and services that are among the best in the world.”

A Centennial Celebration in 2011 is under development that will feature programs and events touching all Canadian golfers and that will highlight the tremendous value brought to the game by golf professionals. The Centennial task force is just one example of many committees within the Canadian PGA working on behalf of the Members to deliver improved programming.

In 2006, the Canadian PGA took part in the PGA World Conference in England, attended by PGA organizations from Australia, Britain, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Sweden and the United States. The conference enhanced Canadian PGA’s international relationships and networking capabilities on a global scale.

The Canadian PGA and the Royal Canadian Golf Association have taken on an exciting initiative and recently announced the Long Term Player Development Guide that sets out a highly structured objective towards increasing the number of recreational golfers in Canada and foster Canadian golfers to excel at the top levels of the game.

Through a newly developed National Coaching Certification Program developed with the CAC, Canadian professionals will be able to coach in the 2009 Canada Games.
The Canadian PGA is a key partner in the National Allied Golf Association, which is working with a broad range of industry groups and associations with the objective of ensuring a strong future for golf in Canada.

The organization is developing an enhanced education system that combines more than 95 years of education with new technologies and a modern curriculum for the increasingly diverse and sophisticated business of golf.

These are just a few of the programs that highlight the enthusiasm that the Canadian PGA has in promoting and supporting the game of golf on a national level. Diligence and passion go hand in hand as the game of golf moves into the future.