CPGA, RCGA, and Sport Canada Reveal Historic Player Development Program

TORONTO, ON (Jan. 18, 2007) - The Canadian Professional Golfers’ Association, the Royal Canadian Golf Association, and Sport Canada today jointly unveiled Canada’s first-ever long-range, systematic, and comprehensive approach to growing the game of golf in this country.

The Long-Term Development Guide for Golf in Canada was developed by a task force of experts whose backgrounds range from involvement in the development of grassroots programs and players, to high-performance programs and players from both a coaching and sports science perspective.

In putting the guide together, the CPGA and RCGA have drawn on the world-renowned expertise of the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC).

The CAC’s expertise has been adapted and used in many sports at the top levels of competition, including the Olympics. The CAC is a world leader in developing programs for recreational, competitive and world-class athletes.

At its essence, the CPGA will oversee the coaching and instruction component of the program while the RCGA handles player development.

This comprehensive Guide is focused at identifying key stakeholders from within the sport and the role they play in the development of a systematic approach to developing golf in Canada.

“The Canadian PGA is delighted to be key part of the LTPD Guide and the potential it represents for the ongoing health of golf in Canada,” said Gary Bernard, Director of Education for the Canadian PGA, “as well as the ever-increasing profile of our Members in coaching and instructing Canadian golfers.”

“This program provides many benefits to CPGA Members, including allowing them to coach in the 2009 Canada Games, and potentially in future Commonwealth and Olympic Games as, inevitably, golf will be included.”

The LTPD Guide was presented during the RCGA’s Annual General Meeting by Dr. Stephen Norris, one of Sport Canada’s foremost experts in long-term athlete development and a member of a team of senior advisors assembled by Sport Canada to assist National Sport Organizations in the development of long term planning for success within their respective sports.

The presentation and launch of the LTPD Guide is the first phase of a national roll-out plan for the innovative development document and initiative.

For more information about the Long-Term Player Development Guide, please visit www.rcga.org