Canadian PGA Announces Bluedrop Performance Learning as a Partner in the Canadian PGA Education

Canadian PGA Announces Bluedrop Performance Learning as a Partner in the Canadian PGA Education Program

ACTON, ON (June 18, 2007) - The Canadian PGA announced today that Bluedrop Performance Learning and their learning style tool Different Strokes will continue to be a key partner in the Canadian PGA Education Program.

“We are pleased to reach a new agreement with Bluedrop and Different Strokes,” stated Gary Bernard, Director of Education for the Canadian PGA. “We feel that their product is a key component of our National Education Program and that their new online version will provide increased value for our Members and their clients.”

Different Strokes is a learning style tool designed to provide CPGA instructors with customized advice on how to best communicate concepts and techniques with their students. By completing a series of 20 scientifically weighted questions, Different Strokes will identify a golfer’s preferred way of learning. The tool will then provide the instructor with a suggested “prescription for instruction” that is customized for each individual student. This ensures that the student is receiving information in their preferred learning style and helps the instructor create the best possible learning environments to maximize the student’s learning experience.

“We are pleased to be partnering with the Canadian PGA on the online version of Different Strokes. It is clear that through their partnerships with the RCGA, CAC and Sport Canada, the CPGA is quickly becoming a recognized world leader in the area of teaching and coaching education and we are pleased to provide their Members with this invaluable tool,” stated Emad Rizkalla, President & CEO of Bluedrop. “The big winners in this agreement are the Canadian golfers who will now have the benefit of highly tailored instruction from their CPGA professional.”

In the area of teaching & coaching, the Canadian PGA has partnered with the Royal Canadian Golf Association, the Coaching Association of Canada, and Sport Canada to develop one of the most comprehensive training programs for all its members. The program consists of mandatory training contexts, developed to afford CPGA members the opportunity to develop the skill sets needed to work effectively with a wide range of participants, from young children through to aspiring touring professionals.

The training is extensive and adheres to the principles of competency based education, whereby the participants must be able to demonstrate their abilities in each area of expertise. This ensures that all CPGA professionals have been trained and evaluated according to national standards created by the Canadian PGA and the Coaching Association of Canada.

Different Strokes is recognized as the most effective golf education learning aid in the world and as been used in paper format by the CPGA for almost 10 years.

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Jeff Dykeman
Manager of Business Development
Canadian PGA  

Emad Rizkalla
President & CEO
Bluedrop Performance Learning  

About the Canadian PGA:

The Canadian Professional Golfers' Association is a membership-based non-profit organization representing more than 3,500 club and tournament golf professionals across Canada. The Association was founded in 1911 making it the oldest professional golf association in North America. The Canadian PGA is committed to enhancing and promoting the game of golf by providing golfers and CPGA approved facilities with the highest quality administrators, teachers, players and promoters of the game, through superior training, education and member development. For more information please visit  .

About Bluedrop:

Bluedrop is one of the world’s pioneering e-learning companies, developing Web-based learning since 1996. In fact, in seven different industries, Bluedrop boasts the world leader as its client. In 2006, Bluedrop gained exclusive global rights to the KAMI and Different Strokes and KAMI when it purchased Ottawa based Bluedrop has vowed to make KAMI and its derivative products staple tools in the development and delivery of customized training worldwide.