Bryn Parry Blog Excerpt - Promotion for Flano

Bryn Parry Blog Excerpt - Promotion for Flano

*Bryn shot rounds of 70-73 to miss the cut by 1 shot. Nick Flanagan won for the 3rd time this season and has now been promoted to the PGA Tour.

Well folks, “Flano” is officially off the Nationwide Tour. It is the dream of every player on this tour to do exactly as Nick Flanagan has just done. He won 3 times this year and has received an automatic invite to the PGATour for the rest of 2007 and all of 2008. They call it the Battlefield promotion and it doesn’t happen very often. I’m proud of him and very excited for the rest of us. That is the sort of thing that really gets me thinking positively and confidently. It can happen and it does happen. Nick is proof for all of us.

I had my wife and son out again this week and that was awesome. Kynan just turned 3 on Monday and we made the whole week “his” week. I played with him in the practice bunker at the course when nobody was around and we spent a day and the Strong Museum of Play. Great place, if you are in Rochester with a kid, it is a must.

Another week and another missed cut by 1 shot. It’s pretty crazy to think that after hitting 143 shots in two days, if you just found a way on one of those 36 holes to take one less stroke then you get to play on the weekend and are guaranteed a paycheque. I’m working as hard as ever on the game to make a good run at the last 8 events to try and get inside the top 60 to play in the Nationwide Tour Championship.

It would be different if I wasn’t even close to making the cut each week but I think this is my 7th missed cut by 1 shot this year.

One more tourney to go before I can get back to Vancouver. I’m not quite home sick, but I do really want to spend a few nights in my own bed. My wife makes the best Thai food I’ve ever tasted and I’m going to put in an early request. I’ll do almost anything to get some home cooking for a few days.

Thanks for all your support!

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*Bryn Parry – The Year on Tour – will provide a backstage pass as CPGA Member Bryn Parry plays his first year on the Nationwide Tour with full playing status. His blog will be updated on a weekly basis every Wednesday.

** Bryn now sits in 91st place on the Nationwide Tour Money List. The top 25 will receive PGA Tour playing status at the end of the year.