The Membership Roadmap

All members of our association are required to complete the PGA Training Academy presented by Titleist and FootJoy; enrolment in the academy is dependent on meeting a series of entrance requirements.

who should join

  • Aspiring golf professionals seeking a viable career in the golf industry.
  • Existing professionals seeking career progression opportunities.
  • Individuals committed to lifelong learning.

why join

  • Program is designed to provide the learner with the flexibility to determine their learning pathway
  • Based off world-leading industry research unique to the Canadian market
  • Join one of the most recognizable brands in the world - PGA


  • The total costs for first year courses is $780.00  tax. (Your first year training starts the year after you pass your PAT)
  • Fees range from $2800 - $4000 over a six year time-frame
  • These costs do not include membership dues


The PGA of Canada has partnered with the following three post-secondary programs.

Students who are enrolled in any of these programs will be able to complete courses with learning outcomes that match the PGA Training Academy. Upon completion of these courses and a minimum grade of 70%, the student (if a PGA of Canada member) will receive credit in the Training Academy for that course. It is the responsibility of the student to provide the PGA of Canada with updated transcripts annually in order to receive the equivalency credits. 

The PGA of Canada has identified these programs as the only in Canada to provide golf specific training that matches learning outcomes with what is being taught in the PGA of Canada Training Academy. The PGA of Canada will have access to audit course learning outcomes at Georgian College, Humber College, McMaster University.

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Are you eligible to apply for Membership?

Prospective Members must meet the following entrance requirements:
- Be 18 years old
- Have a highschool Diploma
- Currently working in the golf industry
- Be able to Pass a Playing Ability Test

Step 1 - Register Online & Pass the Playing Ability Test
The Playing Ability Test is standardized testing all incoming members must pass in order to be eligible to apply for membership.

The PATs are conducted by the Zones, registration fees are approximately $500.00

What is the target score?
The PAT Target Score is two (2) times the course rating plus 20 strokes.

The Exit PAT Target Score is two (2) times the course rating plus 15 strokes

PAT Exemptions
There may be an opportunity to recieve an exemption from the Playing Ability Test. Read more on the PAT Exemptions by clicking here 
For the schedule of PAT events, click here
Step 2 - Complete Online Membership Application
Once you have passed the PAT, you are now able to submit an application for membership.
Step 3 - Payment of Membership Dues & Begin Training
After successfully completing the membership application and submitting required documentation, the final step to join the association is payment of the associations Annual Dues.

Annual National and Zone dues are approximately $1000.00 combined and are paid yearly by November 1st. Dues vary by zone.


Have questions? Ask our team!

Darcy Kral - Lead support on Membership and Playing Ability Test

Kate Lawson - Lead support on PGA Training Academy

Matt Allen - Chief Innovation Officer