PGA Professional Job Roles
PGA Professional Job Roles

Current Class "A" members with a Specialization in Teaching include Teaching Professionals and Head Teaching Professionals .

Golfs National Coaching Certification Program
Golfs National Coaching Certification Program

The PGA of Canada is the only PGA in the world that distinguishes between Coaching and Teaching certification. Within this framework, both Instructors and Coaches are provided streams and courses tailored to the athletes they work with.

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Use of Specialization Badge
Use of Specialization Badge

Current PGA of Canada Class 'A' Professionals, who have earned an Specialization in Teaching, are encouraged to use the newly designed Specialization Badge in accordance with PGA Brand Guidelines. PGA Professionals are able to confirm their Specialization through the PGA Credit Tracker. Please note: ONLY Class "A" members who have meet the Specialization criteria can use the badge. To download this specialization badge, click here

Teaching Badge
  • PGA of Canada Professionals with this specialization are typically narrowed to focus and specialize in certain roles of a PGA Professional - most notably in player development and marketing.
  • Teaching Professionals are highly responsible for Developing existing golfers, Introducing/instructing new golfers, Facilitating transition from beginner to golfer, Selling products and services.
  • Those with a specialization in Teaching have shown an investment into the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) by gaining Certification in a minimum of one context in the Instruction Stream
  • Instructors working through the Instruction stream are typically working with participants  experiencing golf for the first time through a series of lessons.
  • The Intermediate and Advanced golfers contexts phase into specialized Instructors who are specifically there to assist golfers in gaining enhanced skills and in some cases cross over to the Competition Stream.

E-Learning Course Offerings:

  • Using Technology to Improve your Teaching Business
  • Safe Sport Training through the Coaching Association of Canada
  • Teaching Mentorship
  • Instructor of Intermediate Golfers    Evaluation
  • Instructor of Advanced Golfers Evaluation
  • Pursuing Excellence in Junior Coaching Part I
  • Pursuing Excellence in Junior Coaching Part 2
  • Building and Leading a Small Business* (This course is offered twice a year, in Fall and Winter)

NCCP Instructor Stream Workshops:

  • Instructor of Intermediate Golfers Workshop
    Offered seasonally; March - May, September - November weather depending
  • Instructor of Advanced Golfers
    Offered seasonally; March - May, September - November weather depending