Management & Leadership

 PGA Professional Job Roles
PGA Professional Job Roles

PGA of Canada Professionals who have earned this specialization typically have a career as a General Manager or Executive Director


Current PGA of Canada Class 'A' Professionals, who have earned a Specialization in 'Management & Leadership', are encouraged to use the newly designed Specialization Badge in accordance with PGA Brand Guidelines. PGA Professionals are able to confirm their Specialization through the PGA Credit Tracker. Please note: ONLY Class "A" members who have meet the Specialization criteria can use the badge. To download this specialization badge, click here:

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This report provides an investigative look at the career paths of PGA of Canada Executive Professionals

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*Arriving This Fall*
*Arriving This Fall*

A comprehensive research study on the career paths of Executive Professionals for: Aspiring Executive Professionals and Current Executive Professionals

  • This stream is designed for General Managers (Executive Professionals)
  • GMs have the skills and education in developing and managing budgets for golf operations, engaging in hiring and termination of staff, conducting regular performance reviews and investing in training and professional development of staff.
  • Members must first have achieved Golf Operations specializations in order to achieve the Management and Leadership specializations.
  • This is because of the extensive research and feedback from employers that General Managers should have a strong knowledge of the operations of a facility before moving into the management of the entire operation.
  • Nearly 70% of General Managers held positions of HPs before assuming the role of a GM
  • According to PGA of Canada Roles and Responsibilities Research, GMs are responsible for 16 of the 20 roles of a PGA professional, with over half of those in a leading responsibility level
  • Of most significance for GMs is the management of the club - from personnel, finances, and the strategic direction of the club
  • GMs are proven to be the most invested group of PGA professionals in continuing their professional development and continued learning for their role.
  • 50% of GMs have an annual salary of at least $120K while 43% have salaries that exceed $140K per year.

Available Courses:

  • Managing Your Golf Facility Governance
  • Developing Executive Leadership and Building a Performance Culture
  • Build Success Through Diversity and Inclusion
  • Golf Business Mentorship