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Coach of Developing Competitors
Coach of Developing Competitors
Bear Mountain Golf & Country Club
Start Date
October 19, 2021
End Date
October 23, 2021
Registration Deadline
September 27, 2021
# Registered
25 / 25

Credit Value: 4
Delivery Method: In-person
Duration: 5 full days, with the additional time needed to complete Multi Sport Modules and the evaluation (if desired).
Specialization: Coaching
Pre-requisite: Recommended completion of Instructor of Beginner Golfers, Instructor of Intermediate Golfers and Coach of New Competitors
Cost: 1700.00 (Includes breakfast and lunch for all 5 days)

This context is designed for coaches of athletes ranging from the Learn to Compete and
Train to Compete stages of LTPD.

The process to earn this certification involves Coach Training and Coach Certification process to be completed after Trained status is earned.

This Coach Training Workshop involves the independent completion of 6 multi-sport modules in addition to the content and sport-specific modules covered at the workshop.

Multi-Sport Modules
These multi-sport modules are required to be completed in addition to the training provided by PGA of Canada and can be completed at any time before or after coach training. 

Coaching and Leading Effectively
Managing Conflict
Leading Drug-Free Sport
Prevention Recovery
Performance Planning
Make Ethical Decisions

Click here to view the entire Coach of Developing Competitors Pathway

Coach Training Information

Tuesday October 19th
Wednesday October 20th
Thursday October 21st
Friday October 22nd
Saturday October 23rd

The workshop typically runs 8:30am - 5:00pm each day, the finalized timeline and agenda will be communicated closer to the event

Notice of Outdoor Component
There is an outdoor component to this workshop, please bring your golf clubs and dress in golf attire for both days.

The PGA of Canada has secured a group room rate, available on site. For information on how to book a room, please contact
Coach Training Modules and Learning Outcomes

Developing Athletic Abilities
•    Analyze golf-specific training and competition situations, and identify the athletic abilities that support performance.
•    Interpret the results to certain tests designed to assess the level of athletic abilities that are important in golf, and draw certain conclusions applicable to the player’s training process.
•    Implement general and specific training methods to develop or maintain athletic abilities that are important in golf.
•    Adapt selected training protocols and methods to the player’s stage of development and training experience.
•    Select training methods and workloads that are appropriate to the phase in the yearly program.

Analyze Performance
•    Analyze technical and tactical performance for factors that influence performance.
•    Observe and define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that affect technical and tactical performance
•    Analyze technical and tactical performance by applying the principles of motion to detect and correct Key Performance Indicators
•    Use technology to assist in analyzing technical and tactical performance
•    Identify strategies to monitor and evaluate technical and tactical performance
•    Implement and assess the effectiveness of corrections

Psychology of Performance
•    Identify the focus skills that will help your athletes achieve their goals in training and in competition
•    Train athletes in the focus skills that will help them achieve their goals in training and in competition
•    Work with athletes or teams to identify appropriate outcome, performance, and process goals
•    Use debriefing skills to work with athletes and assess their performance in training and in competition

Plan a Practice
•    Take logistics into account when planning your practices and your season
•    Integrate yearly training priorities into your practices
•    Ensure consistency among practices, microcycles, and the yearly plan
•    Choose an appropriate sequence for the exercises in a practice
•    Adjust exercises, given players’ responses in training
•    Plan to train a technical or tactical ability over several microcycles

Course Information and Accessing Course Material
Please follow the instructions provided in your confirmation email  - there is a pre-workshop component to the workshop and will be available for you to complete prior to attending the workshop.

You will require a laptop or tablet to access some of the documents in this workshop, the link to download these materials will be in your course homepage on PGA Brightspace.
Course Policies

Refund Policy for Workshops
Cancellations before the registration deadline will receive a full refund, no cancellation fee.
Cancellations after the registration deadline but before the first day of the workshop will receive half the refund of their registration fee and minus a $75 cancellation fee.
Cancellations on day one of the workshop (or absentees) will not receive any refund of their registration fee.

*any member who is 50% or more through a PGA Training Academy course will receive a $0 refund.
*any failing grade for a course will receive a $0 refund.

Late/Missed Time Policy:

Early departures for in-person workshops are not permitted. To obtain your Training Academy credits, individuals must be present for the entirety of the scheduled agenda. Individuals who depart earlier than the allotted time for a workshop may be subject to re-taking the workshop and not receiving Training Academy credits. 

To request a course withdraw, email

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