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Coach of Developing Competitors Evaluation
PGA Training Academy
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Course Prerequisite : Trained Status, Coach of Developing Competitors
Course Category: Coaching Specialization
Credit value: 2
Cost: $1200
Delivery Method: Asynchronous eLearning
Course Availability: All Year

Upon registering for this course, learners will receive a confirmation email outlining the steps to access this course homepage on our Learning Management System - PGA Brightspace. Included in the conformation is the following: access to the workshop materials, evaluation materials, portfolio templates and instruction on how to proceed with completing the certification process.

Trained Coaches can access portfolio items by clicking here

Minimum Standard for Certification

Candidates who wish to achieve certified status must demonstrate a minimum standard (as per the National Coaching Certification Program outlined by the Coaching Association of Canada) in the following outcomes:

Plan A Lesson - Plan training sessions that are purposeful, organized, appropriate for a new competitor group, and reflect safety considerations.

Provide Support to Players in Training  - Develop a yearly training plan that integrates yearly training priorities from the LTPD model including fitness for golf. During an on-site evaluation, implement a training session plan that is enjoyable, safe, structured, and consistent with the NCCP values and adjust the training session based on players’ response to the training tasks.

Analyze Performance  - Demonstrate the ability to detect and correct performance errors appropriate to beginning competitors.

Support the competitive experience - Identify competition-specific factors that impact performance and develop pre- and post-competition routines designed to enhance performance during competition.



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