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Managing Your Golf Facility Governance
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February 23, 2020
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Credit Value: 4 Elective Credits (Counts towards Management and Leadership Specialization)

This is an advanced level course and is ideally suited for participants who have a minimum of 5 years of management experience. Before registering for this course, we highly encourage learners to review the course expectations and timelines below as this course design requires assignments and module completions by specific dates.

This 6 module, online course is being evaluated by George Pinches, Director with Global Golf Advisors.  George was a private club GM/COO for 33 years. He managed five clubs in three Canadian provinces- including Hamilton Golf & CC, Point Grey Golf & CC, Royal Mayfair Golf Club and The Royal Glenora Club. He was also involved with both the Canadian Society of Club Managers (CSCM) and the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA).

Module Topics

  1.     Foundations of Governance -
  2.     Managing Stakeholder Documents and Resources
  3.     Board Development and Performance Measures
  4.     Meetings and Other Proceedings
  5.     Connecting Boards, Committees, and Management
  6.     Writing Proposals and Making Decisions
Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Provide recommendations for improving your golf facility’s governance structure to better align it with the Club Governance Model
  • Review and revise the key governance documents at your facility so they align with best practices
  • Implement best practices related to Board development and performance monitoring
  • Apply strategies to run effective meetings
  • Design an effective committee structure for your golf facility and define the ideal composition of each committee
  • Write a proposal to gain support for an idea
Course Expectations and Timelines

•    The Learns its!, Discuss its!, Share its!, Apply its!, and Check its! are mandatory components of the course and must be completed within the two-week duration of the module in which they appear
•    Module 1 will open February 17th. The two week duration for each module will start from this date.
•    Complete each of the module components in the order in which they are presented. Typically, this means reading the Welcome and then starting the Learn it!. You may be asked to leave the Learn it! in some modules to complete other activities, such as a Discuss it! or Share it!. Once you have completed these activities, return to the Learn it!.
•    Much of the learning in this course will come from interactions with your fellow learners. It is therefore important that you don’t leave completion of the activities to the last days of the module. Complete the learning activities early and use the rest of the time in the module to review others’ ideas and engage with them on the topic
•    The Learn its! involve individual learning. Take the time to complete the activities in a thoughtful way. You must attempt each question before being able to progress. The Learn it! is designed to teach though discovery. If you don’t know an answer, give it your best attempt. The intent of the Learn it! is to help you further your knowledge, not to evaluate what you do or do not know.
•    There is a Notebook you can access in each Learn it! Use this to document key learnings as you work through the material. You can print this out at the end as a reminder of what you have learned
•    The Discuss its! are intended to help you learn from each other. Discussion should be thoughtful, respectful, and promote group learning and the sharing of ideas
•    At the end of each module is a Toolkit containing all the resources included in that module


Evaluation Methods
Successful completion of this course is dependent on achieving 70% or higher for each learning activity associated with the modules.

The learning activities include:

Learn its!: Structured learning modules in which you will explore and engage with content that is related to the module’s topic
Discuss its!: Discussions with your fellow learners
Share its!: Opportunities for sharing and receiving feedback on practical materials and approaches
Apply its!: Assignments that are to be submitted for evaluation
Check its!: Knowledge checks to check your understanding of the module content

Course Policies
Assignment Resubmission Policy
Learners have a maximum of three resubmissions per assignment, project, or knowledge check to achieve a course's passing grade. A missed deadline is considered an attempt.

After receiving a 'Not Yet' grade for an assignment, the learner has a maximum of 2 weeks to resubmit the assignment. If the course passing grade is not achieved after the 3rd attempt, the learner will receive a grade of "Not Yet" and not receive credit for this course.

Online Facilitated Courses:
Within 7 days of registration – full refund (minus $25 administrative fee)
Within 30 days of registration – half refund of the course (minus $25 administrative fee)
After 30 days of registration - $0 refund

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