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Developing Executive Leadership and Building a Performance Culture
PGA Training Academy
Start Date
February 12, 2020
End Date
March 25, 2020
Registration Deadline
February 12, 2020
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Credit Value: 3 Elective Credits (Counts towards Management and Leadership Specialization)

This is an advanced level course and is ideally suited for participants who have a minimum of 5 years leading individuals and teams.

This four session, online course is being instructed by Tim Robinson. Tim has over 25 years has over 25 years of experience in learning and leadership development and is currently working as a Senior Associate in the Talent and Leadership Development practice for Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge (an international Leadership Development company).


Session Dates

Each session is 90 minutes and will begin at 7:00pm eastern time.

Session 1. Wednesday February 12th - What is Leadership
Session 2. Wednesday February 26th - Key Elements of Executive Leadership
Session 3. Wednesday March 11th - Change Leadership Strategies
Session 4. Wednesday March 25th - Leadership’s Impact on Culture
Course Objectives
Each session topic has a number of objectives associated;

  What is Leadership
• Contrast various leadership approaches

• Discuss the role of executive leaders
• Identify the behaviors of executive leadership
• Review the top derailers to leadership success

Key Elements of Executive Leadership

•  Discuss the importance of social power to leadership effectiveness
• Compare and contrast different influence strategies
• Assess participant’s preferred influence strategy and learn how to adopt strategy in different situations

Change Leadership Strategies

• Discuss the type of changes clubs are dealing with
• Review the underlying psychology/principles of change
• Develop a communication plan that inspires confidence and promotes positive change

Leaderships Impact on Culture

•Review the key elements of workplace culture
•Discuss strategies to change / improve club’s culture
•Create an action plan to improve a club’s culture and performance

Evaluation Methods
Successful completion of this course is dependent on attendance (each learner must attend at least 3 out of the 4 live sessions) and bi-weekly project based assignments accumulating to a final project. Each learner must earn a 70% on the final project, if not, is able to resubmit their assignment for a maximum of 3 additional attempts.
Course Policies
Missed Time Policy
Learners will only be permitted one missed class per course. If this total is exceeded, the learner will receive a not-yet grade for the course.

Assignment Resubmission Policy
Learners have a maximum of three resubmissions per assignment, project, or knowledge check to achieve a course's passing grade. A missed deadline is considered an attempt.

After receiving a 'Not Yet' grade for an assignment, the learner has a maximum of 2 weeks to resubmit the assignment. If the course passing grade is not achieved after the 3rd attempt, the learner will receive a grade of "Not Yet" and not receive credit for this course.

Refund Policy for Live Instructed Courses
After registration – full refund (minus $25 administrative fee)
After the first class – half refund of the course (minus $25 administrative fee)
After second class – $0 refund

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