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Maximize Your Profit: Selling Products and Services
PGA Training Academy
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Credit Value: 2
Delivery Method: Asynchronous Facilitated Course
Evaluation Method: Assignment (submit 9 handouts), must achieve a 3 or 4 on each - maximum 3 attempts
Specialization: Roles of a Golf Professional (Non-Specialization)

The PGA of Canada’s Training Academy course, Marketing Fundamentals for Golf Professionals, focuses on effective marketing strategies in the golf industry. However, to run a successful golf facility or business, you need to ensure that your marketing efforts turn into sales of your products and services. This is the focus of this module. To maximize sales of products and services, you must:
•    Understand who your customers are and what they want
•    Offer products and services your customers will buy
•    Ensure that all staff at the facility understand the product and service offerings and can promote them accurately and consistently
•    Monitor and assess sales throughout the season and adjust offerings as needed to ensure success

By the end of this module, you will be able to increase revenue, participation, and engagement of customers at your facility through effective marketing and programming by:
•    Using research on consumer trends and behaviour to guide product and service offerings at your facility
•    Engaging staff in product and service decisions to build an understanding of offerings and ensure consistent messaging throughout the facility
•    Creating sales plans to deliver on yearly sales goals
•    Reducing prices of products and services in the right way at the right time

This module will take you approximately 45-60 minutes to complete, with additional time required to complete the project.


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