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Coaching Mentorship
PGA Training Academy
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Course Category: Coaching Specialization
Credit Value: 3.5
Cost: $325
Delivery Method: Blended Learning
Course Duration: Approximately 8 months
Course Availability: All Year

Since the PGA of Canada was founded in 1911, mentorship has been an integral part of the golf professional’s journey toward gaining their Class “A” status. Over these years, mentorship has evolved from informal to formal experiences with learning outcomes, deliverables, and more.

This mentorship course is designed specific for members who wish to learn more about the golf operations and careers to coaching. Note: there is a separate course specific to teaching specialization. To fully understand the difference between teaching and coaching, we encourage you to visit 

Expectations of the Mentee

As a mentee in this program, it is expected that you will:

  • Take initiative to drive the relationship and be responsible for your own career development and planning.
  • Select a mentor who fits your area of interest and will expand your network of professionals.
  • Have identified individual goals and objectives as the basis of registering for this program.
  • Ask questions and commit to the touchpoints, deadlines, and action items agreed upon by the mentor/mentee.
  • Ask for suggestions and advice early in the relationship.
  • Be committed to put advice from the mentor into action (i.e.: The program is not theory-based; it is action-oriented.)
  • Listen to your mentor’s advice, apply at least some of their ideas, and be prepared to report on updates throughout the program.
  • Commit to a minimum eight month engagement and minimum five touchpoints of at least 30 minutes in length.

Registration is only available to PGA of Canada members.

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