Professional Development Bursaries

The PGA of Canada Foundation Bursary Program was developed to assist, encourage and promote the attainment of professional development and part-time education opportunities to enhance the skills and abilities of PGA of Canada Members and Apprentices.

A bursary award is contingent upon a Member or Apprentice completing one or more professional development opportunities during  2021. This bursary is only valid for the cost of registration/tuition of any one or more professional development opportunities during the calendar year.

Applications are judged by a three-member independent panel and awarded based on academic achievement and contributions to the community.

The annual deadline to apply for a 2021 bursary is January 28, 2022. For a copy of the 2021 PGA of Canada Foundation Bursary Application, click here.

For further information, please contact, Wayne MacPhee at wayne@pgaofcanada.com or 1(800)782-5764 ext. 222

2020 Bursary Recipients

Nathan Grieve

Cody Hancock

Kyla Inaba

Ann Holmes

Dan Roud

Scott Smith

Cody Yaremovich

Deborah Pritchard

Michael Thompson

Chris Ward

Amanda Minchin

Bradley Lawrence

Taylor Van Tighem

Marc Rouse

Brett Claggett Woods

Gary Hartford

Kent Maxwell

Jeff Liddle

Steve Moore

Jake McNulty

Testimonials & Recipient Feedback

“Due to my changed career path within the PGA, I’ll continue to invest in my education as a coach, something I’ve always enjoyed but never had the time to pursue on a consistent basis.  This season the bursary will add to my financial resources and be a positive motivator to keep me pushing forward with updating my skills as a coach. As an older PGA member, I find this is an exciting time to combine my experience with today’s research-based information.  I feel the current findings on ways athletes acquire new skills, in combination with the influx of recent instructional technologies, makes for an exciting time to be a coach in golf.” — Rob Lindsay, The Marshes Golf Club (2015)

“In 2016 I plan on attending multiple events and activities in which will help my professional development. Specifically, this bursary will help cover the cost of the NCCP Coach of New Competitors course in April. As a Candidate for Membership with the PGA of Canada, and a relatively new professional in the industry, each year I have sought out various professional development opportunities to continue my education and better myself. As this has done great things for my career and development thus far, it does come at a cost. With receiving the bursary from the PGA of Canada Foundation it allows me to sign up and attend professional development opportunities on my wish list in which I may otherwise would not have attended.” — Matt Dunn, Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club (2015)

“I will be putting this money towards my training for the Coach of Developing Competitors certification. This will help to offset some of the costs associated with gaining my certification towards the CDC qualification. I attended the course in January 2015 and felt it benefited me greatly as a PGA member. The knowledge gained has been, and will continue to be, invaluable to my career. The course itself came at a cost, but it was certainly money well spent as it completely changed my outlook on the coaching industry. The relative cost considering the experience and knowledge I have gained is well worth the value and the bursary has helped a great deal towards this! Thank you so much for awarding me one of the bursaries for 2015, I am very grateful to be a PGA of Canada member and to be given this support which helps to further my professional development in such an exciting industry.” — Wayne Allen, Blomidon Golf & Country Club (2015)

“I will be using this bursary to help contribute to the cost of the Coach of New Competitors hosted at the University Golf Club next month. This is a vital course to help me understand the development of the junior players I work with.  I very much appreciate the work and development the PGA of Canada conducts.” — Darcy Dhillon, Two Eagles Golf Course & Academy (2015)

“This PGA of Canada Foundation bursary has given me the opportunity to advance my career by allowing me to continue to educate myself with the best in class knowledge available. I applaud the Foundation for continuing to support myself, and my fellow professionals, in our quest to become better educated and become better PGA of Canada Professional’s.” — Carla Munch-Miranda, Cambridge Golf Club (2015)