Professional Development Bursaries

The PGA of Canada Foundation Bursary Program was developed to assist, encourage and promote the attainment of professional development and part-time education opportunities to enhance the skills and abilities of PGA of Canada Members and Apprentices.

A bursary award is contingent upon a Member or Apprentice completing one or more professional development opportunities during  2023. This bursary is only valid for the cost of registration/tuition of any one or more professional development opportunities during the calendar year.

Applications are judged by a three-member independent panel and awarded based on academic achievement and contributions to the community.

The annual deadline to apply for a 2023 bursary is January 26, 2024. For a copy of the 2023 PGA of Canada Foundation Bursary Application, click here.

For further information, please contact, Wayne MacPhee at wayne@pgaofcanada.com or 1(800)782-5764 ext. 222

2022 Bursary Recipients

Tyrel Babkirk

Matthew Bacon

Elizabeth Carr

Bryce Halverson

Samuel Kirkness

Nadine Lamarche

Steven Liddicoat

Michelle McCann

Keaghan Roberts

Brian Schaal

Jason Schneider

David Sheman

Matthew Steinbach

Adam Steinschifter

Robert Tadey

Michael Vanderwolf

Stephen Veenema

Rachel Wiebe

Shauna Wilde

Winnie Yun

Testimonials & Recipient Feedback

“Thank you to the PGA of Canada for their support in our professional development. I believe it's the responsibility of us as Golf Professionals to be lifelong learners and to continually look for opportunities to improve and grow both personally and professionally.” — Bryce Halverson, Carnmoney Golf Club (2021)

“Thank you so much for selecting me as one of the successful candidates for the 2021 Professional Development bursaries. I greatly appreciate the support of my journey as a golf professional from the PGA of Canada Foundation. Thank you for supporting 20 different members of our association and encouraging the importance of professional development in our industry.” — Natalie Gleadall, London Hunt & Country Club (2021)

“I would not be where I am today without the self-investment opportunities that allowed me to grow and develop professionally. The support that the PGA of Canada shows in offering 20x PGA of Canada Foundation bursaries to support us in investing in our profession is greatly appreciated." — Kyla Inaba, Predator Ridge Golf Resort (2021)

Thank you very much for selecting me as one of the 2021 professional development bursaries. I am so honoured to be one of the recipients this year. I will be sure to reinvest this into more education. I am deeply appreciative of your recognition and support in my continuing education.  With so many golfers investing more time into the sport, I have been so thankful that I have put the time in to invest in my education. The ability to help a newly motivated golfer quickly improve has brought me so much satisfaction to my job. Being recognized with this bursary is such a great bonus to an already fulfilling experience.  Thank you again for your generosity and support.” — Alex Ludeman, Burnaby Mountain Golf Club (2021)

“I truly value my professional development. As such I am constantly looking for and enrolling in programs to further my education and enhance my credibility as I move towards becoming a world class instructor.  This bursary is a tremendous help and I am grateful for the opportunity to receive it.” — David Lambert, Glencairn Golf Course (2021)