Q and A


What is the PGA of Canada Foundation Benevolent Fund?
The Benevolent Fund is intended to provide temporary assistance to current and former members and apprentice professionals of the PGA of Canada who are in financial hardship with the basics of life, medical crises, end of life, addiction, and mental health care.

Who may apply for assistance?
Any current member, apprentice professional registered with the Association, member or apprentice professional registered with the Association within the last 12 years who has resigned or been suspended, and any spouse or dependent child of a current member or of an apprentice professional registered with the Association.

Members or apprentice professionals registered with the Association who have been removed from membership for disciplinary measures are not eligible to apply. Spouses and/or dependent children of this individual are also ineligible.

How does one apply?
Applications, which outline the required supporting documentation, are only available through the Association’s Privacy Officer at darcy@pgacanada.com.

Will personal information be protected?
The application form and supporting documents will be received by the Association’s Privacy Officer and will be assigned a file number after being reviewed by the Benevolent Fund Committee. All information will remain confidential.

How often does the Benevolent Fund Committee meet?
The Benevolent Fund Committee is scheduled to meet quarterly. However, the Committee may meet at other times due to extraordinary circumstances.

What assistance might be expected?
Assistance will be based on the information supplied to the Benevolent Fund Committee and will be subject to available funding. Assistance will be granted in the form of payments to third parties for products and services that will support the applicant in accordance with the purposes of the Benevolent Fund.No monetary payments will be made from the Benevolent Fund directly to applicant.


Will assistance be provided for an unlimited time?
No. For each application, assistance may be provided for a maximum of 12 months from the date of approval. The Benevolent Fund provides temporary assistance.

Can an applicant apply for additional assistance?
Yes. Additional assistance may be available. A new application must be submitted for review by the Benevolent Fund Committee.  Additional assistance is not guaranteed.

Does the assistance have to be repaid?
No.  Assistance is not a loan and cannot be repaid.

Who has final approval of the application?
The Foundation Board will review recommendations from the Benevolent Fund Committee for final approval. All applications presented to the Foundation Board will only be identified by a case number to protect the privacy of the applicant. The Foundation Board will meet within seven days of the Benevolent Fund Committee submitting their recommendations.

Who will let the applicant know if their application is approved?
The PGA of Canada Privacy Officer will contact the applicant to inform them of the status of their application.

Can I make a donation to the Benevolent Fund?
Donations sent to the PGA of Canada Foundation can be directed to the Benevolent Fund.

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