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Michael Burns

I am passionate about the game of golf, its rich history and the impact that it has on people and the communities in which it is played across Canada. It wasn’t until I was in my late twenties that I picked up the game; since then, I have become obsessed with it. I have played a wide range of courses across Canada and worldwide, from smaller municipal courses to the highest-ranked courses in the world. I have fallen in love with all aspects of the game, from the competition to the equipment to course design. My work has allowed me to witness first-hand the impact of golf on the physical and mental health of individuals, especially in our veteran and military community.

I have the skills and experience the PGA of Canada has identified it needs, to its Board of Directors. I have helped to raise more than $1.4 billion for new ventures and charitable causes across Canada and I will bring that expertise as well as my contacts, to this position. I have chaired and been CEO of some of Canada’s most respected institutions. I have co-founded a national charity and helped to scale it, and I have experience leading a global sporting event that included adaptive golf for the first time in the Invictus Games’ history.

The future of golf in Canada has never been brighter. I want to be part of its growth and development and to help make Canada the world's leading association for golf professionals.