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Innovation: The Key to Sustainability
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Credit Value: 4 (Elective Credit, Management and Leadership)
Cost: $300.00

Delivery Method: Asynchronous eLearning
Course Duration: The course comprises six modules and will take you approximately 4 to 5 hours to complete, with additional time required to complete the project components.

Course Availability: All Year

Innovation is about fostering dialogue and adopting tools that tap into the ideas people have so we can build on each others’ ideas and get better at implementing them.

This course is about understanding innovation, using tools to immediately apply learning in your own world, and ensuring ongoing innovation, evaluation, and learning in your business.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, you will be able to:

•    Explain the importance of innovation and the consequences of failing to innovate
•    Define the problem or jobs-to-be-done that is at the heart of your innovation
•    Create conditions for innovation and creativity
•    Test your innovation ideas using the lean canvas
•    Develop a change management plan for your innovation
•    Assess and improve your organization’s innovation culture

The course comprises six modules and will take you approximately 4 to 5 hours to complete, with additional time required to complete the project components.

Module Topics
Module 1: Why Innovate?
Module 2: How to innovate
Module 3: Unleashing Creativity
Module 4: Generating and testing solutions
Module 5: Leading change
Module 6: Organizational readiness


Project Components
In Innovation: The Key to Sustainability, you will learn how to successfully innovate within your organization while working on your own innovation project. Throughout the course, as you work on your project, you will be prompted to submit elements of the project for feedback to help further your thinking and ensure you are ready for the next step in innovation
Course Evaluator

Matt Allen is the Chief Innovation Officer with the Professional Golfers’ Association of Canada, overseeing coach education, player development, all special projects coming out of the national office as well as the key contact for the PGA of Canada’s nine zones and other key industry stakeholders both nationally and internationally.

Matt is the Chair of the PGA of Canada’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Task Force and consults with several National, Provincial, and Club sport organizations on EDI, change management, organizational development, and more.

Matt brings both organizational, practical, and academic perspectives into his work as an active coach at the University and International level along with having 10+ years in the national sport organization industry and a Masters in Executive Leadership.

He sits on a number of sport development committees including the Softball Ontario Coaching Committee, the Coaching Association of Canada Board of Directors, a National Executive Committee member with the Coaching Association of Canada, Golf Canada Sport Development Committee, Co-Chair for You Can Play Canada-East and is the Past-President of the Ontario Intercollegiate Women’s Fastpitch and founding member of the Canadian Collegiate Softball Association.


Course Policies
"Not Yet" Policy

Any learner who does not meet the equivalent passing grade, does not meet the late policy, resubmission policy, missed time policy or contravene the Academy Integrity policy in a given course will receive no credit ("Not Yet") for that course.

Any learner that receives a "Not Yet" grade and is choosing/required to re-take the course will be able to do so at 50% cost of the course registration fee.

Refund Policy for Online Courses – Asynchronous:

Within 7 days of registration – full refund
Within 30 days of registration – half refund of the course
After 30 days of registration - $0 refund"

*any member who is 50% or more through a PGA Training Academy course will receive a $0 refund.
*any failing grade for a course will receive a $0 refund.  

For a detailed list of all PGA Training Academy Policies, please visit


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