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Pursuing Excellence in Junior Coaching Part I
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Credit value: 2.0 Elective Credits (Teaching, Coaching Specialization)
Cost: $200
Delivery Method: Asynchronous eLearning
Duration: The module will take at least 2 hours, with additional time needed to complete the course evaluation
Availability: All Year

Pursuing Excellence in Junior Coaching is not a typical foundational coach education program. Our focus in this program is to address the topics that are often overlooked or only touched on in other junior coaching programs. Our goal is to help you become a better junior golf coach; not by improving your technical approach to coaching but by helping you understand what is important in youth sport and how you can create environments that foster this.
Pursuing Excellence in Junior Coaching :Part 1 is designed for junior golf coaches looking to improve their junior coaching skills and knowledge. The program comprises two online modules and two live facilitated sessions. This module, the first in the program, can be taken as a standalone module or as a starting point for the remainder of the program.

Part I of the program is designed for those who coach juniors aged 8-12 years old. If you are coaching younger (3-6 years) or older more competitive golfers (10-14 years) we recommend you complete the entire program.

Information on Part 2 of this program is available here

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

•    Design sessions that are fun for junior golfers
•    Select activities that develop fundamental movement skills and support the development of physical literacy in junior golfers
•    Integrate the teaching of life skills in your junior golf sessions
•    Plan quality junior golf programs
•    Apply strategies for managing groups of junior golfers
•    Design safe and inclusive sport environments

Evaluation Methods
Successful completion of this course for credits is dependent on completion of the course content ( minimum 120 minutes in length) and the successful completion of the final course evaluation (reaching a minimum of 70%) within 3 attempts.
Course Policies
Knowledge Check Reattempt Policy
Learners have a maximum of three attempts to successfully pass the course knowledge check.

If the course passing grade is not achieved after the 3rd attempt, the learner will receive a grade of "Not Yet" and not receive credit for this course.

"Not Yet" Policy

Any learner who does not meet the equivalent passing grade, does not meet the late policy, resubmission policy, missed time policy or contravene the Academy Integrity policy in a given course will receive no credit ("Not Yet") for that course.

Any learner that receives a "Not Yet" grade and is choosing/required to re-take the course will be able to do so at 50% cost of the course registration fee.

Refund Policy

Within 7 days of registration – full refund
Within 30 days of registration – half refund of the course
After 30 days of registration - $0 refund"

*any member who is 50% or more through a PGA Training Academy course will receive a $0 refund. 
*any failing grade for a course will receive a $0 refund.

For a detailed list of all PGA Training Academy Policies, please visit

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