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Becoming A Mentor
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Becoming A Mentor:

We are pleased to re-introduce mentorship as a formal program offered as an optional credit for Apprentice Professionals and led by current Class "A" members.

The program is designed to be flexible, accessible and aims to provide the foundation for
both the mentor and mentee to develop the skills, experience, and support needed to achieve their
personal, career, and business goals.

We are currently offering four streams of mentorship which align with four specialized roles of Golf Professionals in Canada; Teaching, Coaching, Management/Leadership (Director of Golf, Executive Professional) and Golf Operations (Head Professional).

As a Class “A” Member, we are seeking your expertise (in your desired “stream“) to help develop our young Apprentice Professionals through this mentorship program. Our program is designed to be completed virtually or it can be done in-person if you are preparing to mentor one of your staff/colleagues.

Mentors will be responsible for completing an asynchronous online course through PGA Brightspace – our new Learning Management System. The content will take 60 – 75 minutes to complete. After the content is completed, you will be required to fill out information forms and prepare to be matched with mentee(s) from across the country.

Click here for the full Mentorship Guidebook

Credit Value: 2 towards re-specialization in the pathway you will be mentoring in

In this module, you will:

  Accelerate the growth and development of aspiring golf professionals through the influence, guidance or direction provided by an experienced PGA of Canada Professional.

  • Broaden the professional network (within and outside of the golf industry) of aspiring golf professionals.
  • Engage successful PGA of Canada professionals in a formal process to help aspiring golf professionals establish a career path.
  • Strengthen the overall leadership culture of the PGA of Canada by capitalizing on the collective knowledge and experiences of its Head Golf and Head Teaching Professionals.

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