Police Check

Police check

Must be completed with Sterling BackCheck at link below:

Go to http://www.sterlingbackcheck.ca/PGA-of-Canada

Cost is $25 plus HST.

Within 24 hours of submitting the forms and identification, both the PGA of Canada and applicant will be notified simultaneously via email of the results. The results will only be accessible to limited authorized individuals in the PGA of Canada. A clear result will be communicated on a “need to know” basis to other required individuals within the Association. A result that is returned as not clear will however remain confidential and restricted among authorized persons of the PGA of Canada. The applicant may also access their results and account information through an online portal by using the BackCheck ID number provided upon registration.

1. As of March 25, 2010, PGA of Canada requires that all applicants for membership be required to complete and submit a criminal reference check prior to being accepted as a member of PGA of Canada.

2. Each Policing jurisdiction Force has different requirements  and disclosure rules for processing criminal reference checks and the actual process that will vary across Canada. Using Sterling Backcheck’s online process provides a convenient yet consistent process for all applicants with consistent results. 

3. The cost of the criminal reference check will be borne by the applicant for membership to PGA of Canada.
Criminal reference checks will be processed and reviewed by Membership Committee only.

4. Any documents relating to the criminal reference check will be stored in a secure location to maintain confidentiality and to control access to the information. Criminal reference checks will be destroyed on expiry of the membership.

5. PGA of Canada reserves the right to require a member to provide an updated criminal records check upon request.

If a criminal record check indicates a recent (within ten years of date of application) criminal conviction(s)for which a pardon has not been granted , restrictions/prohibitions, or an outstanding charge(s) the following factors will be considered by the Membership Committee in determining whether to accept the applicant’s membership:

(a) The type of offence;
(b) The number of convictions;
(c) How long ago the offence occurred and the individual’s age at the time of the conviction;
(d) The relevance of the offence to membership in PGA of Canada;
(e) Potential risks to PGA of Canada in accepting the individual into membership.

Having adverse results in a Criminal Record Check should not be presumed to be a cause for cessation of  your membership application.