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Request for Proposal Letter, Finance Fundamentals - PGA of Canada Training Academy

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Request for Proposal Letter

Finance Fundamentals

PGA of Canada Training Academy



The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) Letter is to outline the process for prospective subject matter experts to submit a proposal to the PGA of Canada for the PGA Training Academy. This document will give an overview to the specifications detailed in your RFP submission.



Please thoroughly read through this document to learn about our association, online training program, and the specifications and scope of the courses we are creating. You may respond to the RFP by submitting the below specifications with any additional information that may be pertinent to your RFP. Questions prior to submission will not be accepted.

Please submit to by February 28, 2021.

Background Information


After a comprehensive review, the PGA of Canada is restructuring its extensive education training program into an e-learning platform. The PGA of Canada has done a complete review of their current education program and conducted their own industry leading research to build the foundation for a new program. The program is built to support PGA professionals and must deliver a world class level of education.

Golf professionals must go through an education and training program ranging from three to six years to complete. With the launch of a new program, the PGA of Canada will be creating approximately 30 new dynamic, action focused and learner-oriented e-learning courses. Subject matter experts will be expected to provide content and references for a minimum of one course.

The content for all courses must be golf industry specific. The content must also meet all of the course specific learning outcomes presented by the PGA of Canada.


Program Overview


  • TARGET LEARNERS: learners in this platform are golf professionals (roughly 125-150 new users per year) completing their education requirements to either to become a PGA of Canada Class “A” professional or as an existing Class “A” professional. The demographic of this cohort of users is typically 22-35 year old men who are already working in the golf industry. The content must be engaging with real-word scenarios. Courses will be housed on the LMS Desire2Learn (D2L)
  • BUSINESS GOALS: as a membership-based association, not for profit, we must deliver world class content, with engaging and outcome focused content.
  • PROGRAM GOALS: our aim is to provide innovative, world class training to PGA professionals in Canada and around the world through a variety of topics and delivery platforms.  


The PGA of Canada has developed the following program level outcomes to define the competencies that all members will display.

General Requirements


This course will be delivered as an asynchronous course with an evaluation/assignment/summative project to culminate the course, which will be graded by a course evaluator upon launch of the course. The course will be designed to help learners develop the skills and knowledge they need to complete the summative project and guide them through project completion. The content of this course may include text, scenarios, questions, critical thinking and problem-solving activities, video recordings, audio recording, additional toolkits and templates.

The content does not need to include graphic design work, or specific structure.

The PGA of Canada prefers that content is specifically designed for its membership. If aspects of the content will be best delivered through short videos, the PGA of Canada will work with the subject matter expert on content creation.

All content must be owned by the subject matter expert and the rights must be transferred to the PGA of Canada.  

Content development, instructional design, and sign-off must be completed by July 1st

Below are the deliverables that all must be met by all courses.

  • Create content to meet the course specific learning outcomes
  • Provide a golf specific focus for all content
  • Examples must be geared toward application-based questions and real-world scenarios
  • Develop the final course assignment and corresponding evaluation rubric
  • Collaboration with our learning expert to build courses that can be delivered online:
  • Introductory call with PGA of Canada staff and curriculum writer
  • Multiple touchpoints with the PGA of Canada and the curriculum writer to ensure alignment for elearning delivery (process detailed below)


The successful subject matter expert must be willing to follow the PGA of Canada’s communication plan outlined below:

  1. Kickoff meeting with the PGA of Canada and the curriculum writer
    1. Subject matter expert will deliver a high-level outline of the course following this meeting
  2. Meeting and sign off by curriculum writer
    1. Subject matter expert will provide the first draft of content
  3. Instructional design will begin and follow up meetings will be conducted as necessary


Course Specific learning outcomes:

  • Apply the fundamentals of finance to the golf business
  • Combine retail knowledge with financial analysis to create and modify buy and sell sheets
  • Interpret and communicate financial information with other staff
  • Demonstrate the ability to strategically plan finances for the future
  • Create, manage, and assess annual budgets

NOTE: course learning outcomes may be altered once the successful subject matter expert is selected


The course will be designed to assume a basic level of finance fundamentals and is targeted for PGA of Canada Professionals who have been in the industry for a minimum of 5 years and are aspiring to or currently in a Head Professional role and are responsible for finances and budgeting.



The PGA of Canada has already partnered with a curriculum writer and the estimate is to only include the subject matter content. The pricing should be inclusive of all content and reference materials provided to the PGA of Canada. The content must also meet the requirements of our learning expert to be built into online courses.

It is expected that the subject matter expert will invest approximately 50 hours into the development of this course.

Your price point should reflect the PGA is a not for profit, membership-based association, operating in Canadian dollars.

Submission Process

Please be sure that your submission meets the standards outlined below.

  • Include individual or company name and information as well as contact information
  • Outline relevant qualifications and experience in specific field
  • Provide at least one sample of related work that you have completed
  • Project narrative plan that covers your:
    • Vision for this project
    • Commitment to the scope of work
    • Proposed approach to meet the outlined demands


Course content will be updated on a regular basis (courses will be reviewed every 2-5 years). When content needs updating, the PGA of Canada will look to continue existing partnerships whenever possible.

PGA of Canada National Office - Acton, Ontario
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