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ORORO PGA Women's Championship of Canada at Bromont
Golf Chateau Bromont
Start Date
June 28, 2022
End Date
July 1, 2022
Registration Deadline
June 25, 2022
# Registered
41 / 156


1. This competition is open to professional and amateur golfers who were female at birth or who comply with the PGA of Canada transgender policy.

LEGENDS DIVISION: This competition is open to past PGA Women’s Champions of Canada and PGA of Canada members who have reached their 45th birthday by the first scheduled day of the championship, June 28, 2022.  This division will be contested from a shortened set of tee-markers. Members who choose to enter the Legends Division are ineligible to participate in the open Championship.

Note: If there are less than five entrants for the Legends Division by the entry closing date, this competition will not be conducted. Entrants will be notified and given the opportunity to withdraw from the Championship or participate in the open Championship.

2. Amateurs must have an up-to-date Golf Canada Handicap Index of 5.0 or lower at time of entry.

3. All applications are subject to approval or rejection by the Tournament Committee at any time before or after the start of play.


The championship field for 2022 will be comprised of 126 professional players and 30 amateur players.  All entries will be based on the PRIORITY STATUS AND EXEMPTIONS FOR 2022 ORORO PGA WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP OF CANADA AT BROMONT.


1. Past PGA Women’s Champions of Canada

2. Top 5 PGA of Canada Club Professional's  from the 2021 PGA Women’s Championship of Canada

3.  Top 20 Canadian players and ties from the 2021 PGA Women’s Championship of Canada

4. Up to ten (10) places for prominent professional golfers not otherwise exempt.  These places to be granted at the sole discretion of the Tournament Committee.


Total purse: $100,000                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    All players: $85,000                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                PGA of Canada members: $15,000


In the event of ties, prize money will be divided equally among those tied, except that if a competitor wins a playoff for the Championship, that player will receive first-place prize money.


1. All applications must be filed through your online member account or on the official application printed from www.pgaofcanada.com.

2. The application fee (see fee schedule below) must accompany the application (includes all applicable taxes).  Credit card users, please print all numbers clearly.


PGA of Canada Members                                                                      $340.00

PGA of Canada Members – Legends Division                            $295.00

Golf Professionals (non-members)                                                   $400.00

Golf Professionals (non-members) Legends Division             $355.00

Amateurs                                                                                                         $200.00

*(all entry fees are subject to HST, HST# R106865678)*

3. All applications must be received by the PGA of Canada, 13450 Dublin Line, RR1, Acton, ON L7J 2W7 prior to Friday, June 22 2022, at 4:00pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time).  Late, incomplete or inaccurate applications will not be accepted, and are not the responsibility of the Tournament Committee.

4. Entries will not be accepted without full remittance of an entry fee.

5. Application fees will be refunded if the Tournament Committee is notified in writing of the player’s intention to withdraw prior to the application closing date.  Application fees will not be refunded after the application deadline without a medical certificate.  Refunds are subject to a $75 service charge.


Players must register at the Tournament Office at Golf Chateau Bromont on Tuesday, June 28, 2022, between 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. If you cannot register on Tuesday, simply contact the PGA of Canada to confirm your attendance at the championship and arrangements will be made for you to register at an alternate time. The Tournament Committee can be notified at 1-800-782-5764 or via email at matt.m@pgaofcanada.com.


The PGA of Canada assumes no responsibility for entrants' travel arrangements. Because the tournament may be oversubscribed, the PGA of Canada advises entrants not to book travel or room arrangements prior to confirmation of tournament acceptance unless those arrangements can be cancelled without penalty.


Domaine Chateau - Bromont

You will have access to the daily rate, so be sure to book your room early.

90, Standstead street, Bromont (Québec) J2L 1K6
450-534-3433 / 1 888 276-6668 / info@chateaubromont.com



Please contact:

Matt Mueller, Championship Manager
Phone: 705-795-9688
Email: matt.m@pgaofcanada.com

Eric Couture, Competition Director - Golf Quebec                                                                                                                                                                                          Phone: 514-269-3054                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Email: ecouture@golfquebec.org

Registration is closed.

Event Roster

Name Status
Sadie Dewinton-Davies Received Entries
Min-G Kim Received Entries
Stephanie Tucker Received Entries
Diana McDonald Received Entries
Amy Wang Received Entries
Céleste Dao Received Entries
Khushboo Thiagaraj Received Entries
Jacquelyn Eleey Received Entries
Ashley Sholer Received Entries
Emma de Groot Received Entries
Karishma Thiagaraj Received Entries
Jamie Huo Received Entries
Leslie Cloots Received Entries
Jacklynn Miller Received Entries
Anna Appert Lund Received Entries
Brooke Rivers Received Entries
Audrey Paradis Received Entries
Alison Timlin Received Entries
Juliette Prud'Homme Received Entries
Kelsey Sear Received Entries
Christina Foster Received Entries
Lucy Lin Received Entries
Nayan Calsin Murdoch Received Entries
Euna Han Received Entries
sylvie schetagne Received Entries
Casey Ward Received Entries
Rebecca Lee-Bentham Received Entries
Christine Wong Received Entries
Caroline Ciot Received Entries
Noemie Pare Received Entries
Grace St-Germain Received Entries
Sara-Maude Juneau Received Entries
Sabrina Sapone Received Entries
Kate Johnston Received Entries
Valerie Tanguay Received Entries
Danielle Mills Received Entries
Lory Paradis Received Entries
Camille Gagnon Received Entries
Josee Doyon Received Entries
Sarah-Eve Rheaume Received Entries
Samantha Hall Received Entries