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Designed for PGA of Canada professionals who work with individuals looking to learn the skills required to play the game. Being involved in the learning of the core technical skills may also be a precursor to competing later in their development.

Courses developed in the Teaching Stream include both asynchronous and in-person workshops. Current Class "A" members with a  Specialization in Teaching include Head Teaching Professionals and Teaching Professionals.

If desired, a specialization can be earned in this stream by achieving 10 credits and achieve a Certification in one of the Instructor Stream Courses.

Available Courses:

*Indicates a course will count towards both Teaching and Coaching Specializations

Instructor of Intermediate Golfers

3 $400.00
Instructor of Intermediate  Golfers    Evaluation (only required if 'Certified Status' is desired) 1 $75.00
Instructor of Advanced Golfers 2 $400.00
Instructor of Advanced Golfers Evaluation (only required if 'Certified Status' is desired) 1 $75.00
Teaching Mentorship 3.5 $300.00
Selling & Marketing Sports Programs* 2 $250.00
Building and Leading a Small Business* 3 $350.00