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Requires unique abilities and education in seasonal planning; initiation of an appropriate physical training program; and technical skill development. A member must have the background and knowledge in planning and executing these segments as they are high priority during coaching. As a Coach you play the role of both coach and role model, supporting the athlete in the development of a yearly plan. Mental skills, strategy and tactics are a high priority to the athlete and coach. The coach will support the athlete in optimizing sleep, nutrition and other areas.


Courses developed in the Teaching Stream include both asynchronous and in-person workshops. Current Class "A" members with a  Specialization in Coaching are certified in one of the two Coaching courses and include National and Provincial Team Coaches

Available Courses:

*Indicates course credits earned will count for both Teaching and Coaching Specializations
Coach of New Competitors Workshop 3   $500.00
Coach of New Competitors Evaluation (Only required if 'Certified Status' is desired) 1   $100.00
Coach of Developing Competitors Workshop 4   $1,500.00
Coach of Developing Competitors Evaluation 2   $1,200.00
Coaching Mentorship 3.5   $300.00
Selling & Marketing Sports Programs* 2   $250.00
Building and Leading a Small Business* 3   $350.00