Elective Course Streams & Specializations

The PGA of Canada Training Academy presented by Titleist and FootJoy allows Class "A" members to specialize (should they choose) in one, or a combination of, four key areas (Teaching, Coaching, Golf Operations and Management and Leadership) based upon their individual career path, goals, and aspirations of employment in the industry. The specializations are connected to the PGA of Canada's Right Fit program focused on supporting PGA professionals, owners/operators, and hiring managers on identifying the right PGA professional in the right job with the right training and qualifications through the PGA of Canada Training Academy presented by Titleist and FootJoy. More and more hiring managers and job postings will be seeking pga professionals with one of these specializations.

Why Specialize

It is becoming increasingly important for PGA professionals to show employers they are experts in their respective field. The PGA of Canada is committed to marketing these specializations in the new PGA Training Academy presented by Titleist & FootJoy through support with industry stakeholders, hiring managers and owners. These Specializations are a key focus of the new Right Fit Pilot Project launched in 2018 (which will be expanded for the 2019 hiring process).

To learn more about the RIGHT FIT Pilot Project click HERE

How Specializing Can Help your Career and Increase Employability?

Specializing increases your employability to hiring managers as it highlights the skills, expertise and knowledge you have in your field and what you can bring to the facility or business over your competitors. With increased employability comes increased demand and compensation for your work. The more you invest in your career, the more your time and expertise are worth to a facility.

The PGA Training Academy offers 35+ elective courses to chose from in 5 different 'streams' based on the Roles and Responsibilities specific to PGA of Canada Golf Professionals .The 15 required elective credits can be taken in any stream.

Members have the opportunity to work towards "specializations" as an Apprentice Professional by completing 10 credits in the respective stream (Teaching, Coaching, Golf Operations and Management in Leadership). These specializations will be granted once an Apprentice Professional has achieved Class "A" Status.

Four Areas of Specialization