PGA Seniors' Championship of Canada

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1. This competition is open to all PGA of Canada Members and individuals registered in PACE who are in good standing with the PGA of Canada and:
SENIORS' CHAMPIONSHIP – have reached their 50th birthday by August 7, 2018. 
SUPER SENIORS' CHAMPIONSHIP – have reached their 60th birthday by August 7, 2018.
DIAMOND CHAMPIONSHIP - have reached their 70th birthday by August 7, 2018. This division will be contested from a shortened set of tee-markers. Members who choose to enter the Diamond Championship are ineligible to participate in the open Seniors’ Championship or the Super Seniors’ Championship.
Note: If there are less than five entrants for the Diamond Championship by the entry deadline, this competition will not be conducted. Entrants will be notified and given the opportunity to withdraw from the Championship or participate in the Super Seniors’ and/or Seniors’ Championship(s).
2. Members in good standing with any PGA within the PGA World Alliance who meet the criteria of 1 above.
3. Members in good standing with any recognized PGA who meet the criteria of 1 above.
4. All applications are subject to approval or rejection by the PGA of Canada at any time before or after the start of play.
The championship field for 2018 will be comprised of 120 players.  All entries will be placed in the following order of priority: a) Exemptions, b) PGA of Canada members, c) PGA World Alliance members, then d) Recognized PGA members.

1. 2017 PGA of Canada Senior Champion – Jim Rutledge
2. 2017 PGA of Canada Super Senior Champion – Gar Hamilton
3. Up to ten (10) places for prominent professional golfers not otherwise exempt.  These places to be granted at the sole discretion of the PGA of Canada.
TBD Based on field size.
Top prize of $9,000 guaranteed for first place finisher.
In the event of ties, prize money will be divided equally among those tied, except that if a competitor wins a play-off for the Championship, he or she will receive first place prize money.

1. All applications must be filed through your online member account or on the official application printed from
2. The application fee (see fee schedule below) must accompany the application (includes all applicable taxes).  Credit card users, please print all numbers clearly.
ENTRY FEE SCHEDULE – Golf Carts are included in the price.
Seniors' Championship only.                                           $380.00
Super Seniors' Championship only                                 $285.24
Diamond Division only                                                     $285.24
Both Super Seniors’ and Seniors’ Championship           $430.00
*(all entry fees are subject to HST, HST# R106865678)*
3. All applications must be received by the PGA of Canada, 13450 Dublin Line, RR1, Acton, ON L7J 2W7 prior to Friday, July 27, 2018 at 4:00 EDT (Eastern Daylight Time).  Late, incomplete or inaccurate applications will not be accepted, and are not the responsibility of the PGA of Canada.
4. Entries will not be accepted without full remittance of an entry fee.
5. Application fees will be refunded if the PGA of Canada is notified in writing of the player’s intention to withdraw prior to the application closing date.  Application fees will not be refunded after the application deadline without a medical certificate.  Refunds are subject to a $75 service charge.

Players must register at the PGA of Canada Tournament Office at Beverly Golf & Country Club on Tuesday, August 7, 2018 between 9:00 am – 2:00 pm. If you cannot register on Tuesday, simply contact the PGA of Canada to confirm your attendance at the championship and arrangements will be made for you to register on Tuesday morning. The PGA of Canada can be notified at 1-800-782-5764 or via email at

Tuesday, August 7, 2018                           Registration                                                                               9:00 am – 2:00 pm
                                                                  Practice Round                                                                          TBD                           
Wednesday, August 8, 2018                     First Championship Round                                                        18 holes stroke play
*Thursday, August 9, 2018                        Second Championship Round                                                    18 holes stroke play
                                                                  Final Round - Super Seniors' and Diamond Championship
Friday, August 10, 2018                            Final Round - Seniors' Championship                                        18 holes stroke play

* Only those registered for and competing for the overall Seniors’ Championship are eligible for play on Friday, August 10, 2018.  The champions of the Super Seniors’ and Diamond Divisions will be determined after 36 holes and the prize will be awarded after the conclusion of play on Friday, August 10, 2018.

A tie for the Championship (Seniors’/Super Seniors’) will be decided by a hole-by-hole playoff immediately following conclusion of play of that competition. A tie for the Diamond Championship will be decided by retrogression. Any competitor involved in a playoff and not immediately available assumes the last playoff position.  Multiple no-shows for playoffs shall be decided by lot.

1. The use of caddies is not compulsory.  Competitors requesting a caddie should mark the appropriate section on the application.  Limited caddies may be available at the host club.  The PGA of Canada will attempt to assist competitors with their caddie requirements, but neither the PGA of Canada nor the host club is responsible for securing caddies for competitors who desire them.
2. If an entrant has requested assistance in obtaining a caddie on the entry form, the entrant will be required to compensate the caddie arranged by the host club with the minimum caddie fee of $40 for the number of rounds in the Championship, unless the competitor makes arrangements with the host club to cancel the request one week in advance.
3. Pull carts (excluding those motorized) are permitted. 
4. Caddies must adhere to the PGA of Canada Dress Code, a copy of which is available at  
5. Caddies must wear flat-soled shoes.  Violation of this condition may result in DISQUALIFICATION of the competitor.

1. The Rules of the Royal Canadian Golf Association govern play as modified by the Local Rules on the PGA of Canada Rules of Play Card.  Supplementary Local Rules will be given to each competitor at the player’s first tee.  Local Rules on the host club scorecards shall not apply.  The PGA of Canada Committee shall have the final decision on all claims and disputes.  
2. The competition is deemed to have closed when the PGA of Canada Committee has approved all scores.
3. Only brands of golf balls on the most current List of Conforming Golf Balls may be used.
4. The driver a player carries must have a clubhead that is listed on the most current List of Conforming Driver Heads.

Automotive transport is permitted at any stage of the championship.  There will be a maximum of two carts per group for players and caddies only.  Caddies are not guaranteed a ride. Spectators, including spouses, are encouraged to attend the championship, but are not permitted to use automotive transportation at any time.  See Part B of the PGA of Canada Motorized Transportation Policy that is available at

The PGA of Canada assumes no responsibility for entrants' travel arrangements. Because the tournament may be oversubscribed, the PGA of Canada advises entrants not to book travel or room arrangements prior to confirmation of tournament acceptance unless those arrangements can be cancelled without penalty.

The Note to Rule 14-3 is in effect.  In this competition, a player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g., gradient, wind speed, temperature, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3, for which the penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether any such additional function is actually used.

The player’s clubs must conform to the grooves and punch mark specifications in The Rules of Golf that are effective from January 1, 2010. For full details on the new groove condition, please visit:  

1. Competitors must adhere to the PGA of Canada Dress Code which is available at and in the competitor registration package.
2. It is a condition of PGA of Canada National Championships that shoes with metal or traditionally designed spikes (regardless of composition, i.e., ceramic, plastic, etc.) are prohibited.   Penalty for breach of this condition is DISQUALIFICATION.

All players in a group must be present and READY TO PLAY at the time laid down by the Committee.  The order of play is not relevant.  READY TO PLAY is defined as being on or near the player's first tee accompanied with the necessary equipment needed to put a ball in play.  Notification by a PGA of Canada Rules Official will be given to late starters on the first tee or as soon as practicable.

The PGA of Canada has adopted the Canadian Anti-Doping Program set by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport.  For further information please visit 


Event Roster

Member Status
Paul Doucet Waitlist
James Carter Received Entries
Graham Castanheiro Received Entries
David Clayton Received Entries
Cameron Rankin Received Entries
George Lacy Received Entries
John Najev Received Entries
Dan Olsen Received Entries
Wayne Gratton Received Entries
Bruce Rogerson Received Entries
Kevin Mayer Received Entries
Mark Cunningham Received Entries
Alain Trudeau Received Entries
Douglas Millar Received Entries
Alastair Graham Received Entries
John C. Davis Received Entries
Jeff Bentley Received Entries
Robert Panasik Received Entries
Michel Dagenais Received Entries
Gordon Cochrane Received Entries
David Banks Received Entries
fraser mcintyre Received Entries
Bob Beauchemin Received Entries
Jeff Gross Received Entries
Sylvain Laplante Received Entries
Terry Miskolczi Received Entries
Thomas Tremblay Received Entries
Keir Smith Received Entries
mark kappes Received Entries
Richard Willan Received Entries
Marc Girouard Received Entries
Alex Romanoff Received Entries
Michael Schurman Received Entries
Randal Taylor Received Entries
Kevin Dugas Received Entries
Peter Law Received Entries
Ian Clarke Received Entries
Ben Boudreau Received Entries
Colin Black Received Entries
Neil Smith Received Entries
Jonathan Anderson Received Entries
Angelo Puma Received Entries
Danny King Received Entries
Marc Hurtubise Received Entries
Matthew McAvoy Received Entries
Martin Plante Received Entries
Jim Farrelly Received Entries
Chris Learmonth Received Entries
Serge Bernier Received Entries
Ian Leggatt Received Entries
Serge Thivierge Received Entries
Philip Jonas Received Entries
Ken Tarling Received Entries
William Mackenzie Received Entries
Greg Thacker Received Entries
Marc Foucault Received Entries
Jari Sundholm Received Entries
Jim Rutledge Received Entries
John Rushnell Received Entries
Jean Laforce Received Entries
Gar Hamilton Received Entries
Dennis Heimpel Received Entries
David Wettlaufer Received Entries
LUIZ MARTINS Received Entries
Gordon Mink Received Entries
Ian Doig Received Entries
Rob Roxborough Received Entries
patrick vedrenne Received Entries
Claude Grenier Received Entries
Glen Mills Received Entries
Bradley Rollinson Received Entries
Mike Burrows Received Entries
John Cochrane Received Entries
Scott Allred Received Entries

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