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History of the PGA of Canada

The PGA of Canada – Proud History, Strong Future

The PGA of Canada has come a long way since its inception in 1911 at the Royal Ottawa Golf Club. The Association was founded by a group of 24 individuals who had the insight to set and nurture the standards of professional golf in Canada and the service rendered to those golfers. This group was comprised of individuals from Scotland and England with a sprinkling of Canadian talent since the first golf professionals in Canada were imported from Scotland.

With the first PGA of Canada Championship being played in 1912, the event paved the way for a yearly tradition that would intertwine with custom and fond memories. In 1920 there were 150 golf courses that housed 128 golf professionals and ten years later the number of courses increased by 500 populating 270 professionals. In 1938 Karl Keffer became the first President of the PGA of Canada as the Association shifted into an incorporated non-profit organization.

Over the years the PGA of Canada has seen growth in its Membership, from 1911 with its inaugural 24 Members, to over 3600 Members today. The Association continues to prosper and develop with new initiatives in membership, education, and employment, all with the desire to grow the game of golf in Canada. Each Member of the PGA of Canada is a professional individual that exemplifies integrity and fidelity to the game of golf and embodies that same responsibility to their employers, employees, manufacturers, and clients.

The future looks bright for the Association with stronger than ever relationships with industry stakeholders and other allied golf associations. There has been more communication and a stronger rapport with these Associations over the last few years, and it continues to grow. With steady leadership at the National office, enhanced governance and improving relationships between all of the nine zones, the PGA of Canada continues to strengthen.

In 2011, the PGA of Canada celebrated its centenary at the Royal Ottawa Golf Club, the birthplace of the Association. This milestone is one that proves the longevity of the Association and the pride and hard work that has gone into its proud history defining itself as the oldest Professional golf Association in North America and the third oldest PGA in the world.

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