National Golf in Schools Program

The Golf in Schools program is a program designed by Golf Canada, the Professional Golfers’ Association of Canada (PGA of Canada) and in partnership with Physical and Health Education Canada (PHE Canada) to get the sport of golf into schools across Canada. It’s a great alternative to traditional core school sports.

Elementary Program: Grades 1-5

Intermediate Program: Grades 6-8

Highschool Program: Grades 9-12

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Benefits for the Teacher:

The Golf in Schools program will help you to provide you with easy-to-follow suggestions on how to increase your students’ knowledge of fundamental movement skills related to the sport of golf as well as:

  • Assess student physical proficiency in a variety of fundamental movement skills
  • Enable the learning of golf and golf-related sport/games activities in order for your students to continue to expand on their physical development
  • Provide age-appropriate assessment tools that students can use to determine their own progress and success
  • Identify national physical education curricular links for each grade range.
  • Make links to other subject areas (e.g., Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, Health, Visual Arts).

Benefits for the Student

Golf in Schools will help students by:

  • Acting as a resource to help them develop the physical literacy skills necessary to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to lead healthy, active, and successful lives
  • Exposing them to culturally diverse activities
  • Being gender inclusive
  • Providing a fun way to enjoy movement and effort
  • Introducing them to golf, a sport they can enjoy for life
  • Providing the avenue to continue their participation within golf outside of school
  • Increasing their knowledge of golf and enabling the learning of other related sport/games activities to expand their basic movement skill development.
  • Bringing awareness to socio-economic factors.
  • Promoting active healthy living as part of a well-balanced life.
  • Providing age-appropriate assessment tools that students can use to determine their own progress and success.


If your school is interested in registering, you can find more information and the online registration form at

Interested in giving back to your community? Adopt a school! With tightening education budgets, it is a reality that not all schools will be able to afford this program within their budgets. We are offering the ‘adopt a school’ initiative to encourage individuals, groups of individuals, or businesses to support the program by funding the cost of the NGIS program package for a school.

Alternatively, should you wish to support the program for any nominal amount this option is also available and all donations $20 and above will receive a tax receipt.


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