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PGA of Canada Foundation Names Bursary Recipients

The PGA of Canada Foundation is pleased to announce its bursary program recipients for 2016.

Earning bursaries for the 2016 year are: Sean Joyce; Jason Schneider; Matthew Steinbach; Ricky Watson; Brad Ewart; Carter Bennett; Paul Farkas; Adam Blair; Sara Wilson; Craig Gibson; Derek Thornley; Adam Werbicki; Chris Schatzman; Lauren Brescacin; Colin Lavers; Geoffrey Smith; Brody Whetham; Ed Hanczaryk; Bill Kelly; and Doug McLeod.

The PGA of Canada Foundation Bursary Program is to assist, encourage and promote the attainment of professional development and part time education opportunities to enhance the skills and abilities of PGA of Canada Members and Candidates for Membership. The bursaries were a new benefit offered to the membership by the PGA of Canada Foundation in 2013 as a support mechanism for PGA of Canada members and Candidates for Membership who go above and beyond their expected roles.

A bursary award is contingent upon a Member or Candidate for Membership completing one or more professional development opportunities during the 2016 year. This bursary is only valid for the cost of registration/tuition of any one or more professional development opportunities during the calendar year.

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