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National Coaching Certification Program Workshop Series

The PGA of Canada’s 2015 National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) workshops series is now available for registration.

The workshops, which are in partnership with the Coaching Association of Canada and Golf Canada, are open to Candidates for Membership (CFM) who are required to take Instructor of Beginner Golfers and Instructor of Intermediate Golfers as part of his or her requirements. As the NCCP workshops are competency based on the level of golfers an instructor works with, Class “A” members who have a large clientele of beginner or intermediate golfers are also encouraged to register for these workshops. CFMs and Class “A” professionals who are interested in taking Coach of New Competitors or Coach of Developing Competitors workshops are also encouraged to register.

The workshops begin in April and run through September.

The newly launched Community Golf Coach (formerly Future Links Leader), which is designed for volunteer and community coaches, is also open for workshop registration. PGA of Canada members are encouraged to direct junior coordinators, volunteers at their facilities, and parents to register for a workshop in their area.

Members taking CNC or CDC or Class “A”s looking at the IB and/or II workshops are encouraged to take advantage of PGA of Canada bursaries to offset up to $500 of registration.

Equipment fitting workshops will be available for registration in early spring.

The PGA of Canada is considered to be a leader in the area of teaching and coaching in Canada and around the world. Working with partners like Golf Canada, the Coaching Association of Canada, and Sport Canada have resulted in Long Term Development strategies for Golf and our world-leading National Coaching Certification Program.

For more information, CLICK HERE or contact Brittany Mullin, the PGA of Canada’s education administrator, by email at or by phone at 1.800.782.5764 ext. 222

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