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2017 National Coaching Certification Program Workshop Schedule

The PGA of Canada’s 2017 National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Workshop Schedule is now available with over 50 workshops available across the country to all members and Candidates for Membership (CFMs).

PGA of Canada Class “A” Members are reminded about $500 professional development bursaries available to those who participate in an optional NCCP workshop and that all members attending a PGA of Canada NCCP workshop will receive a tax receipt for their registration.

This year’s schedule is highlighted by the newest workshop recently developed by the PGA and the first time it will officially be unveiled the membership.

The suite of workshops includes:

    Instructor of Advanced Golfers—A workshop like non-other,  designed as a two day case study workshop to have a hands-on approach to the club golfer with a high-skill set who is focused on improving his or her technical skills. Liam Muckow from The Golf Lab and Glenn Cundari, Technical Director with the PGA will conduct the two-day interactive case study workshop based on a real club level advanced golfer.
    Length: 2 days
    Cost: $600 plus tax

    Coach of New Competitors—The three-day workshop is targeted for coaches working with young athletes in the Introduction to Competition and Learn to Compete stages of LTPD. If your facility looks to become a National Junior Golf Development Centre (NJGDC) in 2017, you will need to attend training this year.
    Length: 3 days
    Cost: $750 plus tax

    Equipment Fitting Workshop—Developed by world-renowned leader in equipment fitting Derek Murray from ForeGolf in Ireland. The full-day workshop (with a half day doing outdoors and hands-on fitting with golfers) includes an array of group work, outdoor club fitting, individual self-discovery learning, sharing experiences, debate and outdoor practical equipment fitting work. See what it is all about here.
    Length: 1 day
    Cost: $300 plus tax

    Community Golf Coach—Designed to support PGA professionals to have engaged volunteers with introductory training into junior golf at their facility. Community Golf Coaches will go through safety planning, an introduction to teaching and learning, values training, an introduction to technical skills for junior golfers, and more.
    Length: 2 days
    Cost: $300

    Instructor of Beginner Golfers—This three-day workshop will have you working in groups, participating in active discussions, debates, and more. Participants will be introduced to stages of motor learning and typical errors in these stages for a beginner golfer, cause and effect of ball flight laws, key teaching practices for a beginner golfer and much more. While traditionally viewed as a workshop solely for CFMS, it is in reality designed for any member who has a clientele of new golfers to the game.
    Length: 3 days
    Cost: $750 plus tax

    Instructor of Intermediate Golfers—In this workshop, many of the principles from the Instructor of Beginner Golfers workshop will be expanded for an Intermediate golfer. Some of the learning outcomes include techniques for individualizing instruction for players with different preferred perceptual channels, different learning styles and different levels of confidence; observation, detection and correction of performance; and how to deliver feedback and progress reports to your students.
    Length: 3 days
    Cost: $750 plus tax


For more information please contact Matt Allen, the PGA of Canada’s Managing Director of Education  at

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