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Bruce McCarrol is a Canadian PGA Master Professional and Director of Instruction for The Golf Institute at Bond Head located at the Club at Bond Head just south of Barrie, Ont., He can be reached at 905.770.0964 or via e-mail at

While equality between the sexes is desirable in many avenues of life, it may not always apply to the technique of the golf swing.

Many women will improve and enjoy the game more if they use different techniques from men.

Most women have more flexibility than men, less muscle and strength, and smaller hands.

More flexibility in the joints and a larger range of motion can cause the hips to over-rotate on the backswing and the arms to over-swing, resulting in a backswing that gets loose.

To correct this, I may recommend loading the club early in the backswing. By the time the lead arm is waist height, the club should be “upside down,” with the shaft forming a 90-degree angle to the forearm.

This early setting of the wrist position, coupled with the feeling that the arms are making a three-quarter backswing, will help control the length of the backswing and make it far easier to return the club to a better position at impact.

Another change involves using a slightly stronger grip position in which both hands are turned more to the right (for a right handed player) and two-and-half to three knuckles can be seen on the top hand.

This helps create more control and leverage in the backswing, increases overall clubhead speed and creates more solid contact. It also tends to add hook spin to the shot, allowing the ball to roll farther once it hits the ground.

Vive la différence.

Note: The teaching methodology presented in this e-newsletter solely reflects the views of the author.

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