About the PGA of Canada

Steps to join the PGA of Canada

Entrance requirements

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Completed High School Diploma, or High School Equivalent
  • Must be employed in the Golf Industry 

Step 1
 - Review the National Orientation - click here

Step 2 - Review the steps to become a Class "A" Member - click here

Step 3 - Register - Individuals wishing to join the PGA of Canada must first become an Applicant by registering online by June 1 (has been extended for 2018) - click here. Registrations are accepted online between January 1 and June 1 each year. Registration is valid for until the following June or a maximum of five PAT attempts whichever occurs first.

Example: registered on February 1, 2018 - your registration is valid until June 1, 2019, or 5 PAT attempts.        

Once the registration is complete and the application fee paid, an individual is considered an Applicant and can access the Applicants Only Section of the website.

Step 4 - Declare Play Ability Test online in the applicant's section of pgaofcanada.com

Step 5 - Register for the event itself (PAT) with whoever is running the event

Step 6 - Pass the Play Ability Test

Step 7 - Submit forms provided by email, complete police check online with Sterling BackCheck, complete Respect in Sport program online with the Respect Group Inc. and provide information that confirms you meet the entrance requirements.

Please contact Darcy Kral the Managing Director of Membership at darcy@pgaofcanada.com or 1.800.782.5764 ext.224

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